Upcoming deadlines

There is almost always SOMETHING going on...here's where we help you keep track of it.

Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission: (CRTC website)

  •  Members Stations will no longer be contacted individually as their license renewals come up by the CRTC, however the NCRA will do its best to monitor information relating to Member Stations. They will then be able to work with the NCRA staff and the Regulatory Committee on that process. 
  • Annual Returns - Typically due End of November, Available Mid-October

Industry Canada: (IC website)

  •  Members Stations need to have a broadcasting certificate from Industry Canada, watch there website for specific information about requiremend from Industry Canada.  NCRA will do its best to assist when information comes up. 
  • You can check your broadcast certificate here

Community Radio Fund of Canada: (CRFC website)

  •  The Radiometres granting applications in January programs Sept-Sept - See CRFC Website


  •  Membership Renewals run from April 1 to March 31st each year, contact the staff for information on membership status.


  •  Various grants are listed under the Members-Only website
  •  RVF runs March each year
Conferences and Training:
  • June - NCRC, Fall - Regional Conference, January - Station Manager Summit
2018 Details (Some of these continue on annually)