Dig your Roots

Dig Your Roots

Dig Your Roots is dedicated to developing and promoting new Canadian music from the four corners of this culturally diverse and musically rich country. It explored independent talent from the Canadian underground with a wide ranging scope and a focus on the forms of original music that were currently under-represented in the Canadian music scene. Sponsored by Corus Entertainment Inc., the NCRA/ANREC produced a series of genre-specific compilations that coincided with live concert simulcast broadcasts.

The project was initially planned to run for 5 years and release 7 genre-specific compilation albums:

February 2003: Hip Hop
March 2004: Spoken Word
April 2004: Electronic Dance
March 2005: Roots
June 2006: Aboriginal

March 2007: Experimental Jazz

In September 2006, the NCRA/ANREC continued the Dig Your Roots series with "Experimenal Jazz". Independent artists from across the country were featured on the Dig Your Roots Website in the winter of 2006. Following a national selection process, artists were chosen to appear on compilations to be released in March 2007. These artists took part in a series of 5 concerts, each of which were broadcast live coast-to-coast on NCRA/ANREC Member stations.

Compilations are available for $12 (plus $3 for mailing). The Hip Hop compilation is sold out. For all other ordering inquires, please contact info AT ncra DOT ca.