Spoken Word Programming Assistant

Organization Name: 
CFRU 93.3 FM
Guelph, Ontario

CFRU 93.3FM (Guelph, Ontario) is seeking a Spoken Word Programming Assistant for a 26 week position funded through the CRFC Youth Internship Program. CFRU 93.3FM is a volunteer driven student and community radio station, committed to broadcasting high quality, innovative and entertaining music and spoken word programming which serves as a distinct alternative to other available radio services.
This paid internship will offer support and skill-building opportunities to current and prospective spoken word volunteers at CFRU by a) encouraging and facilitating collaborations between volunteers; b) creating guides and manuals for future spoken word volunteers at CFRU; c) by running a weekly, open-format magazine style program for new spoken word volunteers to develop their skills on; and d) offering assistance and advanced training to spoken word programmers by request.
The Spoken Word Programming Assistant will work closely with the Station Manager, Programming Coordinator and Programming Committee.


•Offer support to current spoken word programming volunteers through one-on-one workshops and through monthly large-group training sessions (on research, interviewing, script writing, presentation, in-studio and on-site recording, editing and production, short-form documentary production, etc)
•In conjunction with the Outreach and Volunteer Coordinators, attract/recruit volunteers interested in producing spoken word programming
•Encourage and facilitate the development of programming collectives and collaborative partnerships at CFRU
•Provide feedback and support to spoken word programming volunteers
•Develop spoken word programming manuals, guides, and tip-sheets
•Participate in weekly staff meetings and the Programming Committee
•Help prospective programmers develop their program proposals
•Coordinate a weekly open-format magazine style spoken word show as a platform to offer training and experience to spoken-word programmers in a low-commitment environment
•maintain and cultivate list of potential interview subjects, show segments, story ideas, etc., while also encouraging volunteers to work on their own stories
•ensure that this program offers a wide range of training opportunities to volunteers
•make connections with community and student groups which can contribute content
•delegate tasks and show-duties as much as possible, while encouraging collaboration and skill-sharing among the volunteers
•Coordinate volunteer access to station resources (studios, equipment, etc)
•Facilitate weekly show meeting
•Communicate effectively and regularly with involved volunteers


• candidate must be between the ages of 16-30 (inclusive)
• experience in all elements of spoken word radio: script-writing, editing, technical production, interviewing, etc.
• experience coordinating and training volunteers
• excellent listening skills
• demonstrated research analysis and presentation skills
• demonstrated interviewing and journalistic technique
• demonstrated commitment to public service and advocacy
• demonstrated skill in radio and sound production
• ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
• self-motivated and willing to initiate projects
• high level of computer proficiency
• experience volunteering at CFRU and in campus community radio generally an asset
• ability to interpret and articulate CFRU's policies


CFRU welcomes the contributions that individuals from marginalized communities bring to our organization, and invites aboriginal people, people of colour, two-spirited, queer people, trans people, working-class people, single parents, members of racialized groups, immigrants and people with disabilities to apply.

CFRU Radio is an employment equity employer. All qualified candidates are welcome. Preferences will be given to and applications are encouraged from people of color, Aboriginal people, people with disabilities, women and all equity-seeking individuals.

Wage is $18 per hour plus all the provisions under the Collective Agreement. This is a CUPE 1281 Bargaining Unit position.

Terms: 26 weeks / 18 hours per week

Date of Notice: Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Application Deadline: Friday, August 3, 2012

Expected starting date: Friday, August 24, 2012

How to Apply: 
Please send your CV and cover letter to info@cfru.ca
Closing Date: 
Fri, 2012-08-03