Radio Western - Station Manager

Organization Name: 
Radio Western, CHRW-FM
London, ON

Board Committees: Serves as the official liaison between Radio Western Staff and Board of Directors
Key Clients: Student and community volunteers
Internal: Works closely with the Program Director, News, Sports & Spoken Word Director, Marketing
Director, and all volunteers
External: Establishes and sustains a strong working rapport with the University Students’ Council (USC),
Western undergraduate students, and the community-at-large
The Station Manager, Radio Western will be responsible for providing general administrative support and
supervision to Radio Western employees and volunteers. The Station Manager, under the authority of the
Board of Directors, will develop organizational frameworks, fundraising and alternative sources of funding
for Radio Western. The Station Manager will be responsible for the preparation of financial documents and
other operational duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.
1. Special Projects Involvement
Fundraising and Alternative Sources of Funding
Develop a strategic funding plan for Radio Western:
• Create and maintain fundraising initiatives for Radio Western
• Implement and identify alternative sources of funding, including but not limited to advertisements
and grants
• Provide an action plan for fundraising and alternative revenue sourcing to the Board of Directors
• Ensure all initiatives align with Radio Western’s mission and student engagement activities
• Track all fundraising and funding sources for documentation purposes
• Maintain external partnerships for Radio Western
Strengthening USC Relationship
• Maintain and build rapport with the University Students’ Council at Western University (USC)
• Create a dynamic relationship between Radio Western and the USC
• Determine strategies on how to promote positive communication
• Assist the Board of Directors with USC partnership

Framework Development
The Station Manager is responsible for developing metrics for the operations of Radio Western, including
student engagement and employee performance. The Station Manager will be responsible for developing
feedback systems to maintain these two areas.
• Evaluate existing student engagement at Western University and determine measurements affecting
students’ engagement with Radio Western
• Work with employees to create a 360 feedback process for employee performance and engagement
• Develop templates on performance and feedback frameworks for both employees and station
• Execute a feedback system on station and employee performances
• Present templates and findings to the Board of Directors
2. Board and Governance
The Station Manager will provide the Board of Directors with advice and support in the development
of policy and matters related to the management of Radio Western. The Station Manager will be
responsible for the following:
i) Radio Western Strategy: Translates the strategic direction of Radio Western, employee
development and student engagement into the operational plans. Engages the Radio Western
team in effectively carrying out the strategic vision
ii) Risk Management: Ensures that Radio Western identifies, assesses and manages risks, and
drafts a plan to limit risk involvement
iii) Focused Outcomes: Ensures the effective, efficient, economical and equitable administration
of Radio Western and its initiatives
iv) Quality Assurance: Ensures that Radio Western’s operations promote the delivery of high
quality programming and services to meet the needs of students and community members
meeting specific goals within the context of available resources
v) CRTC Compliance: Understands CRTC rules and regulations, especially as they pertain to
campus radio
3. Leadership and Supervision
i) Leadership: Supports the development of Radio Western employees and volunteers through

i. Leading
ii. Coaching
iii. Mentoring, and
iv. Authority

ii) Supervision: Ensures the health and safety of employees by creating an inclusive work
environment. Oversees the engagement and day-to-day support of employees
iii) Building Relationships: Networking with internal and external partners
4. Corporate and Financial Resources
i) Office Administration: Maintains day-to-day administrative duties for Radio Western,
including the preparation of financial documents
ii) Facilities and Operations: Oversees the operational functions and maintains the Radio
Western space

iii) Talent Management: developing volunteers and leaders
iv) Budget Oversight: Monitoring and actively managing Radio Western’s operating budget
Other Responsibilities as assigned by the Board of Directors


Qualified candidates will have the following experience:
• Working with non-profit organizations
• Exposure to media sector, preferably working in the broadcast industry
• Communications, both orally and written
• Stakeholder-Focus tactics and development of strategies
• Facilitating collaboration, building and sustaining long-term relationships with partners
• Building relationships with internal and external partners
• Financial management of budgets, documents and financial reporting
• Strategy and project management from needs analysis through implementation and evaluation
• Establishing key performance indicators and metrics
• Promotion to external sources regarding programming and marketing initiatives
• Fostering a learning environment and experience with change management
• Working with sensitive and confidential information
• Collaborating with diverse stakeholders
• Knowledge of radio equipment, industry and technologically literate
The Station Manager should possess the following leadership qualities:
• Accountability to the Board of Directors, Radio Western employees, volunteers and students
• Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills with internal and external relationships
• Communication Skills, such as the ability to have crucial conversations
• Emotional Intelligence demonstrated with the organization and themselves
• Critical Thinking Skills to make difficult decisions
• Inspires others at Radio Western by coaching, mentoring, empowering and supporting
• Flexibility with a changing environment and operational demands
• Passionate for Radio Western, employees, volunteers and community-at-large
• Commitment to Radio Western’s purpose, vision and the team

EDUCATION: A completion of a post-secondary degree is required. A degree in Business Administration and/or equivalent experience is preferred. EXPERIENCE: A minimum of five years’ experience as a manager in the services sector that can be demonstrated as applicable to the duties listed in the job description. Although not required, previous experience working with non-profit organizations and the media is preferred. WORKING CONDITIONS: The office environment consists of sedentary work with many interruptions (in person; via text, e-mail and telephone) and has competing operational demands. The individual will require mental and visual concentration for accuracy. Evening and weekend work is required. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: An individual with experience working with Board of Directors, Student Boards included, and a familiarity with Radio Western, Western campus, etc. is an asset. Please be aware that Radio Western is a separate entity from the University Students’ Council (USC) and Western University.
How to Apply: 
Email resume & cover letter to Station Manager, Andrew Barton by Saturday May 18th
Closing Date: 
Sat, 2019-06-01