Music Coordinator (CFRU Staff)

Organization Name: 
Guelph, ON

Nature and Scope:

The Music Coordinator takes on the responsibility of soliciting a diverse selection of music, maintaining the resources needed by music programmers, and maintaining regular communication with the music industry with the understanding that the mandate of the station gives priority to local & Canadian artists. The Music Coordinator also assists the Programming Coordinator with regard to fulfillment of regulatory requirements, station policies and principles for music programming.

Supervisory duties include recruiting and selecting volunteers to help with the music department, mentoring of volunteers, training volunteers appropriately and conducting progress reports for music department volunteers


Duties include:

· Provide opportunities for volunteers wherever possible (develop task lists)

· Provide training for volunteers in music solicitation and maintenance of music libraries etc.

· Coordination of music library/music solicitation/charting activities with the help of appropriately trained volunteers

· Organize and direct appropriately trained volunteers on the upkeep of the music libraries (CD, Vinyl, Digital) and
music charting

· Ensure that all new material is processed on a weekly basis, labeled appropriately and added to the database with
the help of appropriately trained volunteers.

· Maintain an up-to-date database of record labels and promotion companies

· Compiling weekly charts from program logs of most frequently played music and submitting weekly charts to CMJ,
!earshot, Chart and other relevant publications

· Distributing weekly charts to record labels, promotion companies and independent artists.

· Arrange for local media outlets to publish our charts and other music articles where feasible.

· Administer the SOCAN surveys as required

· Review operator logs for adherence to CRTC regulations regarding Canadian content and classification of music for
regular and specialty music programs; provide a report to the Programming Coordinator and Station Manager;
provide support and recommendations to programmers needing assistance as appropriate and advise discipline to
Program Committee and Station Manager when necessary.

· Assist in the development of a weekly music event listing coordinated by the Community Outreach Coordinator

· Arrange artist interviews for on-air programmers with music industry representatives

· Coordinate solicitation of music and carry out regular music tracking: frequent communication with promotion
companies and/or record labels to ensure consistent servicing

· Acquiring music for the library that reflects the diversity of programming, both currently offered and ideally offered

· Promote awareness of new music and new artists to programmers.

· Participate in the planning and coordination of CFRU funding drives by coordination of solicitation for music
giveaways and music promotional items

· Participation at staff meetings

· Participation in the production and maintenance of appropriate training and policy manuals for CFRU

· Assist in Station Related promotion material (Compilations, etc) with Community Outreach Coordinator

· Promote local music through cooperation with Guelph and area musicians.

· Provide training for incoming Music Coordinator if possible.

· Other duties as may be required during planned staff absences, provided they are consistent with the role of the
music coordinator


CFRU welcomes the contributions that individuals from marginalized communities bring to our organization, and invites aboriginal people, people of colour, two-spirited, queer people, trans people, working-class people, single parents, members of racialized groups, immigrants and people with disabilities to apply.

Wage is $16.82 per hour plus all the provisions under the Collective Agreement. This is a CUPE 1281 Bargaining Unit position.

How to Apply: 
Please apply by email to by Wednesday, Nov 17, at 4pm. Only qualified applicants will be contacted.
Closing Date: 
Wed, 2010-11-17