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National Cooperative Community News Radio Program Goes Bi-weekly

A national collective voice for community news is getting stronger this summer.

GroundWire, a national collaborative community news magazine, is a milestone in cooperation between community radio news departments, and has been running each month for more than a year. GroundWire is a project of the National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA/ANREC).

A recent grant from the Community Radio Fund of Canada -- itself in its first year of funding community radio projects -- makes the project possible.

Community Radio Fund recipients announced

The Community Radio Fund of Canada gave out $160,000 to community radio stations across Canada to work on radio talent development and youth internship programs.

And 11 NCRA members were among those awarded money. Congratulations CFAD, CFUV, CHLS, CJAI, CKOA, CKUT, CKUW, CFRO, CHES, CHLI and CKDU!

The NCRA itself also got money to support the development of GroundWire, our national radio magazine program.

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Women broadcasters unite in Montreal

On Thursday, June 11, CKUT Radio in Montreal will host the annual one-day Women
in Radio Conference (WIR) during the week-long National Community Radio Conference.

During the annual conference feminist broadcasters and allies come together to create spaces for greater participation by women through skill-sharing, visioning, and consciousness-raising.

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