The NCRA's New Voices of Community Radio Series

Voices of Community Radio is our new series featuring individuals from the radio community who are passionate about campus and community radio and strong believers in the work of the NCRA. This series is in support of our Friends of Community Radio monthly donation program.

We're kicking off our Voices of Community Radio series with two very dedicated campus and community radio supporters from the west coast.

Listen to Johnnie Regalado, current NCRA Vice President and Program Director at CFUV-FM in Victoria, talk about the importance of action by individuals in grassroots initiatives like campus and community radio and his impressions at his first National Campus and Community Radio Conference. Music by Okpk from the album Light Limited

Listen to Brenda Grunau, NCRA Board Past President, current Treasurer, and Station Manager at CiTR-FM in Vancouver, talk about the power of a unified voice at the national level and how the NCRA has helped her as a Station Manager. Music by Supermoon (formerly known as Movieland) from the album Blows Up