The NCRA/ANREC is launching its own industry Podcast

The NCRA/ANREC is launching its own industry Podcast - for you, by you - and we need your input.

First, what should we call it? We would love some catchy marketing ideas. If not, we will go with the Campus and Community Radio Report or Podcast (Boring right?)

Second, what else should go in it? We have a variety of things that are planned (including, but not limited too:)

Interviews with industry people
Clips of speeches and presentations
Training ideas and best practice to try at your station
Funding opportunities
Industry News and upcoming events

For example, in Episode 1 we are taking with the organizer of the Grassroots Radio Conference in the United States, getting an update from Patrick Grimshaw, our !Earshot Digital Distribution System Manager about new partnerships we have just signed, taking a walk through Radio Regent in Toronto with Tyrone, their multimedia manager to discuss youth involvement and how they engage with their community, plus other industry news (Did you know Winamp is back? And Luke’s first name is not actually Luke?)

Do you want to contribute? Do you have a story to tell? Do you have an idea you want us to cover? The project is supported by the Community Radio Fund of Canada and will run for 15 weeks until the end of May 2019 with new episodes coming out every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month. So we have lots of time and space to cover what you want to hear about.

Note this is not a radio show, this is an industry podcast focusing on campus and community radio in Canada. We do not encourage stations to air this, but find a time to listen to it bi-weekly and stay better connected to the sector.

So please email with a) any ideas for a name and b) ideas for content.

Barry Rooke

ps. we are open to imaging aswell, if someone wants to help with an intro, sweeps etc.