Support CKLN: sign the petition, listen to the voices

Last week the CRTC revoked the license of CKLN-FM, the community-based campus station operating out of Ryerson University. This is a huge blow to Toronto and other campus and community broadcasters across the country. Here's some of what they've done to show their support and solidarity:

PETITION: Former CKLN volunteer and longtime listener Lindsay Bess created an online petition that says, in part, "CKLN is vital to our community, and without its presence on air we lose not only a rich history of our city, but future opportunities....Please support CKLN". It already has more than 1500 signatures and will be sent to the government and the CRTC.

Check it out and add your name and thoughts here:

RADIO: CKUT-FM in Montreal produced an hour of special programming about the station, featuring former staff, listeners and volunteers.

Get it here:

PSA: CHLY-FM in Nanaimo, BC produced a public service announcement about CKLN for their listeners.There are more than 150 campus and community stations across Canada -- and the risk of losing one is heartbreaking. The mp3 is attached to this page for listening or, if you're a station, feel free to play it or create your own. 

For more information on what you can do to help CKLN-FM, visit their website at