Staffing change at NCRA/Anrec

We have a big change to announce: Shelley Robinson is the new Executive Director of the NCRA, starting today, 26 April. Shelley has been our Membership Coordinator from the end of December 2008 to this month, and her community radio history goes back to 1994 at CKDU-FM in Halifax.

In the new position, Shelley will continue to do much of the work she has been doing with members and communications but will also be taking on fundraising, advocacy and general administration. (But not much of the messy field reporting you see in this picture....)

Our staff has been funded mainly by our two-year grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, for which we are grateful. That project is finished, and the new NCRA budget for 2010-11 and the foreseeable future includes only one staff position, combining tasks and responsibilities from the prior Executive Director and Membership Coordinator jobs. We want to say a big thank you to those who helped with the hiring process.

Kevin Matthews will be with the NCRA through 30 April to help with the transition. Please welcome Shelley aboard and join us in wishing her all the best!