Red Jam Slam - Ottawa!

Friday, November 8th is Aboriginal Veterans Day. It's also the day of the Ottawa Red Jam Slam, an event that brings Aboriginal artists together to address the history and legacy of Indian Residential Schools for all Canadians.

The event is from 10am-9:30pm and includes a panel of inter-generational survivors, musical performances, spoken word and poetry performances, comedy, an open mic and an open jam for people to get involved, drumming to honour veterans, films, a b-boy workshop and a harvest lunch with stew and bannock.

It's being held at 300 Des Peres Blancs Ave. at the Richelieu-Vanier Community Centre and will have a live broadcast on CHUO 89.1FM from 12pm-2pm.

For more details about Red Jam Slams, go here. For more details about the Resonating Reconciliation project, which uses community radio to help all Canadians address the legacy of Indian Residential School, go here