Notice of NCRA/ANREC BY-ELECTION - 5pm PT, July 4, 2019.

Dear members,

The NCRA/ANREC is conducting a by-election to fill two vacant board seats not filled at NCRC.

Member stations are encouraged to nominate a programmer, volunteer, or staff member. The seats are for 2-year board terms, and will expire at the 2021 AGM. We particularly encourage members in the Atlantic provinces, the North, and Quebec to field candidates.

Voting procedures will be sent out to members after all nomination forms are received and the candidates are announced.

The Current Board:
At the NCRC the membership elected three new directors:
Autumn Schnell (Indigenous Seat), CiTR, Vancouver, BC
Glen Swarnadhipathi, CFUV, Victoria, BC
Randy Reid, CHRY (VIBE 105), Toronto, ON

who joined five remaining directors:
Adam Glynn, CJNU, Winnipeg, MB
Catherine Fisher, CJLY, Nelson, BC
Madeline Taylor, CiTR, Vancouver, BC
Dinah Jansen, CRFC, Kingston, ON
Juanita Muwanga, CJRU, Toronto, ON

The two directors elected in this by-election will bring the number of directors to ten.

Participation in the by-election as a candidate:
To participate as a candidate in this by-election, you must complete the current nomination form, which is available here. (Please note: the nomination form will be revised this year and a new nomination form will be available in time for NCRC 40)

Please return the nomination form to acting NCRA board secretary, Catherine Fisher, by 5pm PT, July 4, 2019.

The nomination form must be authorized by either the station manager, another senior staff person at your station, or your board president. It must be seconded by a board or staff person at another NCRA station.

On July 7, nomination forms will be redistributed by email to all NCRA member stations, along with voting details.

Members will have seven days to submit their vote and the two elected representatives will be announced on July 14.

2019/2020 Board Composition requirements:

Our bylaws require that at least four of six regions of Canada be represented on the board. These six regions are:
Pacific (British Columbia)
The North (Northwest and Yukon Territories, and Nunavut)
The Prairies (Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan)
Quebec; and
The Atlantic (New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island)

The board currently has representation from only three regions (BC, Ontario, and Prairies), so the membership must elect one board member from the Atlantic, the North, or Quebec in this by-election.

This requirement does not limit which stations may run in the by-election, but it means that the by-election must result in one of the two seats being filled by a representative from one of the three unrepresented regions, or the election will be declared void.

Other relevant requirements, taken directly from the bylaws:

The membership shall elect no less than fifty percent women to the board (1.17.b.viii).

Elections shall result in no member having more than one director sitting on the board (1.17.b.iii)

Nominees must be affiliated with a member station of the corporation, as affirmed by an authorized representative of the station, including a board or staff member (1.17.b.xi)

Voting Requirements:

In order to vote in the by-election, stations must be members in good standing. This means that they must have paid their membership dues, or at least paid a deposit on those dues. Check with the office if you aren’t sure if your station is in good standing.

Please let me know if you have any questions about nominations or the voting process, or if you would like more information about serving on the board.

Catherine Fisher,
Acting Board Secretary