NCRA/ANREC Statement on Student Choice Initiative

The National Campus and Community Radio Association is thrilled with the outcome of the Canadian Federations of Students and York Federation of Students’ court case against the Ford government’s Student Choice Initiative (“SCI”).

“The Student Choice Initiative has had a destructive impact on campus stations across Ontario leading to loss of operating funds and lay-offs. The SCI directly interfered with our campus stations’ ability to conduct the normal activities of supporting and training students across the province.” - Barry Rooke, NCRA/ANREC Executive Director

"The SCI’s impact on LU Radio in Thunder Bay has been devastating. The unlawful initiative has crippled our capacity to adequately staff our organization for 2020. The student levy makes up 60% of our operating budget and we lost close to 70% thanks to the SCI. Since we didn't even receive any student levy funding until half-way through our fiscal year, the financial uncertainty made staffing the organization nearly impossible. We are highly reassured by this decision, and hope that with the support of the Lakehead University students and the community we can recover and continue providing training and a voice to the community" - Tiina Flank Station Manager CILU-FM

The Ontario Divisional Court Panel ruled against the Ontario government by finding that the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities acted without statutory authority when implementing the Student Choice Initiative. The Ontario campus stations are thrilled with the outcome of this case.

The SCI’s requirement that post-secondary institutions allow students to opt-out of ancillary fees related to student associations, products and special services has been devastating for campus stations across the province. Ontario stations faced the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars, leading to lay-offs throughout the province. The results to date have decreased our members’ capacity to provide valuable educational and vocational training to students, and a platform to amplify the voice and experiences of the students and citizens within their communities.

Ontario campus stations and the NCRA/ANREC are grateful that the SCI has been struck down by the Ontario Divisional Court and we look forward to being able to work with our members and campus partners to continue providing high quality service to students and communities across the province.

For further information, see the legal decision here
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