NCRA by-election

The NCRA/ANREC Board of Directors is conducting a by-election to fill two vacant positions on the Board.  The elected candidates will serve on the Board until NCRC 2017. Time commitment is approximately 10-25 hours per month for Board and committee meetings and associated action items.

To participate as a candidate in the by-election, please complete and return the Board Nomination Form (attached to this message) to by Thursday, July 9 at 5pm PT. On July 29, 2015 at 12am PT, the list of candidates and voting instructions will be distributed by email to NCRA members. The election will conclude on August 18, 2015 at 11pm PT.


Board Composition requirements:


1.    Station Representation. No station can have more than one representative on the NCRA/ANREC Board, with the exception of the station affiliated with the Indigenous representative. Thus the following stations are not eligible to nominate a candidate in this by-election:

CJSF, Burnaby, BC;

CJNU Winnipeg, MB;

CKUT, Montreal, QC;

CFMH, Saint John, NB;

CKDU, Halifax, NS; and

CFUV, Victoria, BC.


2.   Regional Representation. Directors on the NCRA Board represent five of the NCRA's six regions, fulfilling by-law requirements for regional representation. Thus stations from any region are welcome to submit a nomination.  However, nominees from the North (not currently represented on the Board) are especially encouraged.


3.   Representation.

3.1   Currently the Board consists of 5 persons who identify as male and 3 persons who identify as female. Therefore all candidates for these position must identify as women to comply with bylaw 1.17.viii.

3.2   In order to support diverse representation amongst the board and candidates for the board, candidates are welcomed to voluntarily disclose their gender and/or identify as a person of colour, person with disabilities and/or as an Indigenous person on the Nomination Form.

3.3   In addition, the Board of Directors would like to encourage candidates from community stations as currently there are only two representatives from community stations.

3.4   In addition, the Board of Directors would like to encourage candidates with interest and experience in fundraising to submit nominations for this role.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

All the best!


Best regards,

Larry Portelance

NCRA/ANREC Secretary