NCRA Announces NCRC36 Abbotsford BC funding - Deadline Mar 31 2017

The NCRA/ANREC has been able to secure funding for a second year in a row to bring under-represented and disadvantaged individuals to attend the NCRC in Abbotsford BC between June 7-11th of 2016.  (Thanks to the Community Radio Fund of Canada)

Applications for support to attend the conference are now open until March 31st, 2017.  Please use the link below to submit before March 31st. EXTENDED TO Midnight, Pacific Time Sunday, April 2nd


Please register for the conference when it is available to do so, and if you are unable to attend, you may withdraw without any penalty.

About the project:

The goal of this funding (Thanks to the Altimetres program under the Community Radio Fund of Canada) is to bring underrepresented individuals who normally cannot attend to the NCRC training seminars.  This conference this year is happening June 7-11th (Travel day June 6th) at Fraser Valley University, hosted by CIVL at Abbotsford BC.  

We have secured funding with the goal of supporting small, rural and community stations who do not normally have the funding opportunities to attend the NCRC and providing free training for on-air and other volunteers, encouraging and developing skills to be used in community radio which normally are not available based on member station restrictions or connection with the community. Travel, accommodation, food, training costs with workshop room booking and registration will be covered in full or partial for delegates.  Additional funding to provide opportunities for underrepresented presenters to present sessions to delegates through honourarium.

Goal:  35 Volunteers, Board or Staff from across the country, maximizing funding to include as many participants as possible (based on the above criteria, as well as local opportunities to attend, such as a bus or field trip for local educational classes that may benefit from attending) and 10-15 presenters.

For information on last years project, see the attached report.

Please note that not all those who submit will receive full or even partial funding. A points matrix is applied to the information received via submission in order to maximize funding opportunities to assist those in most need.  We wish to support as many as possible, however, full funding may not be possible to all those that apply. Realistically, most applicants will receive a reduced rate to support.  Those who are able to participate in programming will also increase their chances for funding opportunities, as skill-sharing is encouraged.   We thank everyone for their interest and ask only those who truly need assistance in attending the conference apply.  We want to assist those who would not normally be able to come, not provide a break to a station who has the ability to send participants already and just wants a discount. 

If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact or

We hope to announce funding by May 1st, and have confirmation by May 8th at the very latest.  If we are able to make decisions quicker (Which we hope to do so), contact will be made in advance.

Barry Rooke