NCRA ads now live on DoGood

The NCRA and DoGood HQ are now working together to raise money, support initiatives and movements for social change, and put consumer power in the hands of your web browser - all at once!


The DoGooder is a browser plug-in that turns your everyday web browsing into donations for green initiatives and movements for positive social change. Simple to use, ten seconds to install, and totally free. The DoGooder is available for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari on both PC and Mac.

So 1) download the plug-in for free at
and 2) once you try it out, recommend it to friends and colleagues


1) Ability to support the NCRA and other social / green causes by simply surfing the internet. No change in lifestyle, daily routine, browser performance or need to spend any money (the plug-in is free)

2) Control over what, when, where and how you consume online advertising


- Funding: once it's launched (it's in beta), the DoGooder will be donating half of its proceeds to a list of charities and not-for-profit orgs, including the NCRA! In the meantime, our ads help drive traffic to the Donate Online function of

- Awareness the ads bring users to to learn more about us.

- Audience Development: the ads also encourage users to listen to a member station using our Listen Online feature at the NCRA site

- Positive Association: other causes advertising on the DoGooder are charities, health and well-being initiatives, human rights and green ideas.


- More users: as more people install the plug-in, they will prove the DoGood model, help recommend improvements, and attract more like-minded organizations to get involved and make DoGood a success.

For those of you who can use your blog or other networking to get the message out, a fact-sheet from DoGood HQ is pasted below signature, and you can get more info at (and link to)

thanks for your support!