National Cooperative Community News Radio Program Goes Bi-weekly

A national collective voice for community news is getting stronger this summer.

GroundWire, a national collaborative community news magazine, is a milestone in cooperation between community radio news departments, and has been running each month for more than a year. GroundWire is a project of the National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA/ANREC).

A recent grant from the Community Radio Fund of Canada -- itself in its first year of funding community radio projects -- makes the project possible. This summer and fall, GroundWire will be produced every other week and will have a national part-time coordinator who will do promotion and outreach for the show, and fundraise to find the revenue sources that can sustain GroundWire beyond the sixteen weeks of the CRFC grant.

Jacky Tuinstra Harrison starts work as GroundWire Coordinator this week at NCRC 2009 in Montreal, working on the first bi-weekly edition of the program, and meeting with the GroundWire team to strategize for her term.