Me7 wíktlmen: Neskie Manuel

JUNE 29, 2011

We regret to inform you that the body of missing person Neskie Manuel was found on the shores of the South Thompson River downstream from Neskonlith Reserve in Secwepemc territory.

Secwepemc people have only the kindest words for their young leader: "Neskie was a bright and innovative thinker who liked to help others find a way around a problem," said Chief Wayne Christian (Tribal Spokesperson, Shuswap Nation Tribal Council).

"From his love of our traditional language to his natural skill in modern communications technology, Neskie was always learning and willing to share his knowledge with others," he added.

Neskie was also a leader in community radio. In 2004 and 2005 he hosted "Identity Crisis", an eclectic music show at CFBX-FM in Kamloops, BC and then in 2007 he produced "Tsyucwiminte R Tmicw", a spoken word show with a focus on Aboriginal news and the local Secwepemc language and culture. He had a blog of the same name for the show.

In 2008 he moved to CKDU-FM in Halifax, NS where he worked as the Aboriginal Programming Coordinator. While there he produced amazing radio, did outreach to the community, redesigned their news website and attended the national conference in Windsor, where he helped re-invigorate the NCRA’s Native caucus. He also contributed to GroundWire, the NCRA’s grassroots news collective.

Neskie also helped start Secwepemc Radio, the community radio station serving communities around the Secwepemc Lakes. Check them out here: He wrote a chapter on Secwepemc Radio for the 2010 book Islands of Resistance.

Gunargie O’Sullivan and Bill Lightbown honoured Neskie and interviewed his father Arthur Manuel on CFRO-FM, Vancouver Co-op Radio. You can listen to it here: or here:

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"Neskie always welcomed people into the circle. It's important that we found him," said Secwepemc man Randy Sam. "Neskie is part of who we are. A gift from Creator who touched many people. We'll always hold him up as someone special to us."

“We call the people from all Nations to come forward to stand with and support Neskie’s beloved family and his friends at this time,” said Chief Christian.

Neskie was open to life and the lessons it brings. We will all learn from this experience and we will find our way, as a spiritual people, to be thankful for our time with Neskie and to live our lives to the fullest, safe in the knowledge, that Neskie will always be part of the circle.