Looking for developer to aid music distribution (April 14 deadline)

Hello Everybody

I am excited to announce that we have released a request for proposal (RFP) for our !earshot Digital Distribution System (!eDDS) project. We have distributed the RFP to several companies, and databases looking to get as many proposals as we can back.

The !eDDS will be an online platform where campus and community radio stations will have access to a database of Canadian artists musical recordings to broadcast over the radio. This database will be populated by the Canadian music industry and independent artists. This database will be used by campus and community radio station music coordinators and programmers to air at their local level across the country. This tool will be used by over a hundred radio stations and will be the go to tool for Canadian artists to upload their content.

We were wondering that if you know any companies that would be interested in potentially developing this system, if you could let us know so we could contact them. The proposal is open for replies until April 14th at 5pm, and we are only accepting RFPs from Canadian companies.  Please submit to: edds@ncra.ca

We are excited to get this project started and hope you are to.

Thanks in Advance
Patrick Grimshaw