Introducing... the Seven OIMA Archive Coordinators!

As part of our work developing the Ontario Independent Music Archive (OIMA), we’ve hired seven people from across the province to act as on-the-ground coordinators. They'll be reaching out to current artists, tracking down older music and the musicians who made it, and obtaining permission to include some of that music on the website.

These seven Archive Coordinators are:

• Southwestern Ontario: Mario Circelli (

• GTA/Toronto: Laura Dymock (

• Francophone: Denyse Marleau (

• GTA/Toronto: Jonathan Martel (

• Aboriginal: Clarence Michon (

• Eastern Ontario: Joni Sadler (

• Northern Ontario: Jason Wellwood (

Their full bios are here.

If you are a c/c station or an independent musician in Ontario, expect to hear from these people or get in touch with them first! They are doing their best to uncover and promote under-represented music from Ontario’s past and present. Also feel free to contact them with advice, music recommendation or to wish them good luck.