Homelessness Marathon: Feb 20-21


The homelessness marathon is a 14-hour live national radio broadcast about homelessness, housing issues and poverty.

Now celebrating its 11th year, the marathon is a unique radio event that makes space for the voices of people effected by homelessness on the airwaves and is heard on over 30 campus and community radio stations across the country.

This year the Homelessness Marathon is taking place on Wednesday February 20th from 5pm ET to 7am ET on Thursday February 21st.

To confirm your station's participation in this year's Marathon or for other ways you can contribute and help out, contact marathon@ckut.ca or call 514-441-4041 ext. 6788.

To listen live or check out archives of past year's Marathons, go to www.ckut.ca/homeless or mediacoop.ca.