Grants grants grants!

Congratulations to the 13 NCRA members from across the country who received funding through the Community Radio Fund of Canada's Radio Talent Development Program and Youth Internship Program.

"This is just the shot in the arm that we need to move the station forward," says Doug Switzer of CJHQ-FM in Nakusp, British Columbia, an NCRA member who have been broadcasting since 2005. They will be using the money to produce programming on "Valley of Water: The Arrow Lakes & The Columbia River Treaty".

Other members will be doing programming on local history, poverty, and First Nations music as well as producing live broadcasts, running radio camps and supporting a women’s radio collective.

"We're very pleased to be able to provide funding which will help these stations carry out their mandates and their commitment to their local communities," says CRFC President Ian Pringle.

The goal of both programs is to develop innovative local programming while providing mentorship, education, and training for community broadcasters. Each year, $80,000 is made available under each program to the campus and community radio sector.

The Radio Talent Development and the Youth Internship programs are made possible by a contribution of Astral Media Radio through a CRTC contribution mechanism totalling $1.4 million over seven years.

For more information about the programs and the CRFC, please visit


Radio Talent Development Program:

CFIM 92.7 FM - Cap-aux-Meules, QC: $6,647 for "Nous écouter, c'est vous entendre"
CFRC 101.9 FM -Kingston, ON: $3,400 for "Below the Line: Stories of Poverty and Struggle"
CHES 101.5 FM - Erin, ON: $10,000 for "Erin History Project"
CHLY 101.7 FM - Nanaimo, BC: $9,017 for "CHLY News Program Development Project"
CHRW 94.9 FM - London, ON: $4,950 for "London Social Cultural Project"
CHUO 89.1 FM - Ottawa, ON: $6,281 for "Jambo Ottawa"
CIVR 103.5 FM - Yellowknife, NT: $8,200 for "Promotion des arts et de la culture à Yellowknife"
CJHQ 101.7 FM - Nakusp, BC: $8,016 for "Valley of Water: The Arrow Lakes & The Columbia River Treaty"
CKBN 90.5 FM - Wôlinak, QC: $7,465 for "10 Émissions intitulées les Loco Local"
CKDU88.1 FM - Halifax, NS: $2,024 for "Birthing an Ancient Practice: A Place for Midwifery in Nova Scotia"
CKIA 88.3 FM - Québec, QC: $6,800 for "Égalité: Genre Féminin"
CKOA 89.7 FM - Glace Bay, NS: $10,000 for "First Nations, First Music"
CKUT 90.3 FM - Montréal, QC: $4,860 for "Youth Radio Camp"

Youth Internship Program:

CFBX 92.5 FM - Kamloops, BC: $6,509 for "Youth Internship Program"
CFMH 107.3 FM - Saint John, NB: $9,850 for "Saint John Youth Radio"
CFRT 107.3 FM - Iqaluit, NU: $10,000 for "Radio Iqaluit, reflet de la communautés"
CFUV 101.9 FM - Victoria, BC: $7,560 for "Women's Collective Coordinator - Summer Position"
CIBL 101.5 FM - Montreal, QC: $9,350 for "Stage diversité"
CiTR 101.9 FM - Vancouver, BC: $8,795 for "Live Summer Broadcast Coordinator"
CJLO 1690 AM - Montréal, QC: $6,730 for "CJLO After School Broadcast Training & Mentoring Program"
CKDU 88.1 FM - Halifax, NS: $9,680 for "New Roots Radio Project"
CKOA 89.7 FM - Glace Bay, NS: $8,379 for "Future Broadcasters of Cape Breton"