Funding for NCRA member stations to recruit Indigenous producers and make a doc about the legacy of Indian Residential Schools

This is a call for all those NCRA member stations interested in recruiting and training a local Indigenous producer to make a documentary about the legacy of Indian Residential Schools in YOUR community.

The 20 stations chosen will each receive $3500 for this work. $1500 for the Indigenous producers/trainees, and $2000 for other related expenses (as determined by you!)

For a station to be considered for funding for this work, you will need to submit both an expression of interest and a simple application. For the expression of interest you can submit something like this:

"NAME OF STATION is interested in applying for funding through the NCRA’s Resonating Reconciliation project to recruit and train a local First Nations, Metis or Inuit volunteer or volunteers to produce a documentary about the legacy of Indian Residential Schools in our community.

Feel free to include any other ideas, suggestions and questions about the work and how your station would like to approach the work here.


The application form is attached below. It's short and relatively easy. The deadline to submit both the expression of interest and the application is FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 27th at midnight PT.

Please send your application to: Outreach Coordinator Gunargie O'Sullivan (, Membership and Project Materials Coordinator Kari Benninghaus (, The Board's Indigenous Representative Larry Portelance ( and me ( Also feel free to send us any questions about the process.

Please note: the budget is designed to ensure that the Indigenous producer(s) and/or trainee(s) receive the full $1500 for their work on doc production. This is a minimum, if you choose to have lots of people involved, feel free to use more of the budget. We would also encourage you to think about other ways that Indigenous participants can benefit from this work financially. For instance, you might think about offering survivors who are being interviewed about their stories an honorarium (as well as ceremonial gifts).

Gunargie also mentioned that it's a good opportunity to give some station swag to producers, trainees, volunteers, and interviewees, as a memento of the relationship they've built with your station. That said, we also know that some of this money could help cover core station costs and that's also a good thing!

Funding is sent in two waves, with the first on confirmation of participation. The second half of the funding will be sent when the doc is complete. There is a contract relating to this work that also commits the station to airing at least 40 of the Resonating Reconciliation docs over the coming year, as well as 365 plays of related PSAs by the end of March.
And please let us know which doc production round you think would suit your station best. We will try our best to work with your availability.

Round three starts on September 27th, with the producers and training plan to be confirmed by October 9th, the script/source list due October 25th, and the final documentary due November 5th, for broadcast on November 8th, Aboriginal Veterans' Day.

Round four starts on October 28th, with the producers and training plan to be confirmed by November 12th, the script/source list due December 4th, and the final documentary due December 18th, for broadcast on December 21st, Winter Solstice.

If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact any one of us on the committee, emails above. Shelley is mainly handling the administration/money, and Gunargie is especially good at helping brainstorm ideas, finding good people to work with, and helping people address sensitive issues with care. Kari and Larry are also avaliable.

The "Resonating Reconciliation" project -- which uses community radio as a tool to help all Canadians reconcile with the legacy of Indian Residential Schools has already done some amazing work:

Since February, their has been three Red Jam Slam events (in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Winnipeg) featuring more than 20 Indigenous artists. And this coming week, stations in Vancouver are airing a Red Jam Slam Radiofest. For more details, go to:

Also, NCRA member stations have produced 25 amazing documentaries (that's right, some stations produced more than one doc!) about the legacy of Indian Residential Schools in their communities. You can listen and download them from the program exchange page here:

Thanks for your interest in this important work and we look forward to working with you!