CRTC calls for radio applications in Toronto

Today the CRTC released a call for applications for radio stations to serve Toronto. The full details of the call are here:

This frequency is available because CKLN-FM, the community-based campus station that was at Ryerson University, had their licence revoked for non-compliance. They had been broadcasting for more than 27 years and though they had some problems, the station also had a history of producing great programming, and were committed to representing the city's diverse communities. They were a true "voice of the underground", as their slogan said.

This loss meant that their frequency became available. The NCRA would like to encourage people to help support the continued existence of community-based radio in downtown Toronto. Applications are due by December 19, 2011. The Ryerson Student Union is also holding a referendum for its students to gauge interest in preparing a new application.

For more information, contact the NCRA at