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The National Campus and Community Radio Conference!

CHUO is the proud host of the 35th Annual National Campus and Community Radio Conference June 6-11, 2016 (#NCRC35). #NCRC35 unites approximately 150 independent radio delegates from across the country to engage in skill-building and professional development, and high-level discussions around content creation and the future of the sector. The conference also includes the Community Radio Awards Gala on Friday June 10 at Jean Pigott Hall, as well as a variety of live music and networking events throughout Ottawa-Gatineau June 6-11.

Unlock the FM Chips on smart phones!

I have some very exciting news. The NCRA is about to lead a nation-wide campaign to pressure major telecoms (Rogers, Bell, Telus etc) and manufacturers to turn on what is called an "fm chip", which is installed on most smartphones already but not active (some phones have this enabled already). These organizations want to keep these chips disabled because they make money off of data use, whereas the FM chips don’t require data. The sector is interested in turning them on because it opens up more listening opportunities for people to hear FM radio (among other benefits, such as saves battery life when listening to music on the go, allows for emergency broadcasting alerts to be reached etc).....[Click title to read more]

NCRA Indigenous Zine - Content Wanted April 16 Deadline

Hello/Tansi/Salut/Yaw and in many more languages,

The Indigenous committee is putting together a zine about developing PSAs identifying traditional territories, per the action item on the Board’s strategic plan, which arose from the Open Space discussion at the 34th National Campus and Community Radio Conference (“NCRC”) this past June.

60 Second Radio 2016 World Contest Launched!

A world radio competition presented by radio - Montreal - 60 SECOND RADIO 2016
"A Calm and Quiet Morning"

Montreal, February 13, 2016. The Montreal university radio station is pleased to announce the launch of the second edition of the 60 Second Radio 2016 World Contest. Last year, more than 120 short radio works were submitted by producers from more than fifteen countries in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe.

NCRA Presents at CRTC Community TV Hearings

The National Campus and Community Radio Association staff presented to the CRTC on February 3rd, 2016 at the Community TV Hearing.  

The goal of the review is outlined ... [Click title to read more]

NCRA Community Radio Exchange Launched

The NCRA is proud to announce that it has officially released the "NCRA Community Radio Exchange" as of January 20th, 2016. Members and media producers can access the newly launched program at the main page of the website. It features new updates such as..... [click title for more]

2016 Rendez-Vous De La Francophonie

We are excited to have our member stations complete and participate in this years RVF programming.

To help celebrate Rendez-Vous De La Francophonie, the 2016 version has had 22 NCRA member stations participate in producing 30 minutes of audio which will be aired across the producing stations and offered to other NCRA stations between the 11th of January to the end of March....

World Association of Community Radio Broadcaster Meet in Paris

Just as AMARC's week to End Gender Based Violence wraps up, their leadership met in Paris!
"The new AMARC International Board met in Paris to initiate the process for strategic planning towards the implementation of the strategic plan voted by the General Assembly in Ghana in August 2014. The meeting took place in the UNESCO headquarters, in central Paris."

NCRA Sees 2 new Member Stations!

Hello and a big welcome to our newest members WDCR and Gulf Islands Radio!

Our board meeting last week approved the two new groups. Here is some information:

Westbank and District Community Radio broadcasts out of West Kelowna - and has been broadcasting for a few years now. You can see a bit older news clip here.

Gulf Islands Radio is a newly formed radio society located on Salt Springs Island, looking to bring back community radio to the BC Island. There hope is to be on the dial by end of 2016.

Request for Proposals - Developer for Voting System (Dec 8 Deadline)

The National Campus and Community Radio Association is looking to take on a project that is essentially a online system that will assist in using Roberts Rules when at an AGM or planning meeting, to help streamlining discussion and voting. What we are looking to develop in brief is the following.....