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Now hiring! Outreach Coordinator and Membership/Materials Coordinator

The NCRA is hiring two positions that use community radio as a means to help reconcile all Canadians with the lasting legacy of Indian Residential Schools. This project is called Resonating Reconciliation. 

The work was funded by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada 

The Outreach Coordinator position may be based in Vancouver or Ottawa and is a year-long contract of 28 hours a week. The full job description and details are here. The deadline to apply is Monday, March 11. 

The Membership and Project Materials Coordinator position will work out of the NCRA office in Ottawa and is a year-long contract of 35 hours a week. The full job description and details are here.  

For more information, click on the title of this post. This picture was taken during the first Resonating Reconciliation Red Jam Slam in Vancouver, on February 14 2013. For more information about that event, go here

Homelessness Marathon: Feb 20-21

The homelessness marathon is a 14-hour live national radio broadcast about homelessness, housing issues and poverty.

Now celebrating its 11th year, the marathon is a unique radio event that makes space for the voices of people effected by homelessness on the airwaves and is heard on over 30 campus and community radio stations across the country.

This year the Homelessness Marathon is taking place on Wednesday February 20th from 5pm ET to 7am ET on Thursday February 21st.

To confirm your station's participation in this year's Marathon or for other ways you can contribute and help out, contact or call 514-441-4041 ext. 6788.

To listen live or check out archives of past year's Marathons, go to or launches!

After a year of behind-the-scenes work the Ontario Independent Music Archive (OIMA) is ready to launch! Starting on Saturday, January 26th you can check it out at

OIMA is an online bilingual repository for new and emerging musicians in all genres to post and share their work with the public.

It also collects, preserves and promotes older independent music from across the province that was originally produced in small batches on vinyl, cassette and CD, making it available to new audiences.

The NCRA is behind the creation of OIMA, along with our partners at the Music Association of Canada, and funded by a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, a leading grant-maker in Canada.

On Saturday, January 26th there will be a launch show in London, ON, featuring performances from local Eastern-European influenced folk act Olenka and the Autumn Lovers; hiphop act Treetop featuring Casper; NFG, the precursor to punk band 63 Monroe; and the electronic psychedelic duo Learning, the Band from Windsor. The facebook page for the show is here.

Then on Friday, February 1st we'll launch the site in Toronto, featuring Hamilton proto-punk pioneers Simply Saucer; Juno-nominated reggae legend and treasure trove of Toronto-Jamaican musical history Jay Douglas and the All Stars; Colombian-born, Toronto-based and rising star of the Alternative Latin scene Lido Pimienta; and new alt-country band The Highest Order. There will also be a book signing by Liz Worth, author of "Treat me like Dirt: An Oral History of Punk in Toronto and Beyond 1977-1981".The facebook page for the show is here.

The press release is attached. Please feel free to contact or call 1-866-859-8086 for more information.

Regional Conferences!

The NCRA is putting on two regional conferences this fall, one for each side of the country!

From October 20-21, CFRO Vancouver Co-op Radio will host a BC regional, including sessions on creating news programming, an audacity tech workshop, audio art, interviewing musicians, social justice and co-operatives and more! And happily enough, this also happens to be Co-op Week! 

The schedule and registration form for the Vancouver Regional conference can be found here

And from October 26-28, CKJM-FM in Chéticamp, Nova Scotia will host a bilingual Atlantic Regional conference. It will include workshops on fundraising and radio bingo, recording local musicians, working with rural co-operatives and more! Conference schedule and registration form for this conference will be posted here soon. 

The conferences will be a great opportunity to see and learn from some amazing workshops and presentations, learn about co-operatives, and meet, discuss issues and get to know fellow community radio folk from across the region.

Both are part of the Sounds Co-operative project run by CJLY-FM in Nelson and the NCRA. This work was funded by the Co-operative Development Initiative.

For more information about the conferences contact For more information about the project, go to

Community radio to share legacy of Indian Residential Schools

When she was six, Gunargie O’Sullivan went to St. Michael's Indian Residential School in Alert Bay, British Columbia for one year, but never forgot it. Her mother had gone to St. Michael's too, but for a lot longer. Gunargie can’t forget that either. And she recognizes that without people participating in reconciliation, First Nations children are still at risk, just in different ways.

“If you are First Nations, you are in some way a product of Residential School," she says. "But the absence of our perspectives in the media is rampant, and that needs to change."

Gunargie has been using community radio to tell these stories. A new initiative, proposed by the NCRA, where Ms. O’Sullivan is a member of the Board of Directors and the head of the Native Caucus, will ensure she has some company in this important work.

The project, called “Resonating Reconciliation”, will fund 40 community radio stations across the country to each produce a 30-minute radio documentary on the legacy of Indian Residential Schools in their community, with additional funding to provide training to local Aboriginal volunteers.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada funded the work as part of the Commision’s mandate to acknowledge Residential School experiences, impacts and consequences and create a lasting historical record with a focus on the lived experiences of former students and their families.

For more information click on the title of this post.

CICV-FM gets CRTC approval for power increase!

Congratulations to NCRA members CICV-FM, known as "the Lake" in Lake
Cowichan, BC. The station has been approved by the CRTC for a broadcasting
licence to operate an English-language 50-watt community radio station!

The station was first approved as a developmental station in 2009,
broadcasting on 98.7 FM.

But as that licence neared its expiration they found themselves without
enough money for the engineering brief needed to apply for a regular
licence. An anonymous donor then offered to pay to help sustain a space
for local voices and stories. Amazing.

Click the title of the article for more.

Introducing... the Seven OIMA Archive Coordinators!

As part of our work developing the Ontario Independent Music Archive (OIMA), we’ve hired seven people from across the province to act as on-the-ground coordinators.

They'll be reaching out to current artists, tracking down older music and the musicians who made it, and obtaining permission to include some of that music on the website.

For the full list of Archive Coordinators and their contact information, click here.


L'ANREC aimerait accueillir Daniel Dumas, le nouveau coordinateur au soutien bilingue, à leur équipe! À partir de ce rôle, Daniel va assister les stations membres de l'ANREC à développer des ressources et contenu bilingue.

A young Franco-Ontarian from Hamilton, Ontario, Daniel studies Geography and Aboriginal Studies in both French and English at the University of Ottawa. This past year he became involved with his campus and community radio station CHUO 89.1 FM as a volunteer and contributor to the French morning show “Les Missions du Matin”.

Cet été, Daniel va se concentrer sur la production de contenu audio et écrit visant à mettre en profil des émissions et réalisateurs francophones. De plus, il va créer des ressources détaillant des outils et meilleures pratiques afin d'assister les stations de radio étudiante et communautaire à développer et attirer du contenu bilingue. Si vous avez des questions, commentaires, ou suggestions, veuillez lui rejoindre à ou bien au bureau de l'ANREC.

Bienvenue et bonne chance Daniel! Click on the title of this post for more information.

LAST WEEK TO APPLY: 2012 Community Radio Awards!

The 2012 NCRA/ANREC Community Radio Awards are here...but gone soon! The deadline for nominations is TUESDAY, MAY 15 at midnight, PT!

Since 1993 these Awards have honoured the amazing programming and people our sector has to offer and reflected the range and diversity of community radio across Canada.

Last year's winners included "Sound Ideas" a music show that compared Dvorak's "New World Symphony" to the Black-eyed Peas' "My Humps"; Special Events programming for the "Joe Strummer Day to Confront Poverty in Windsor-Detroit"; a documentary on the roots and influence of Aboriginal music on the East Coast; a syndicated daily series on Canadian history; an interview, in Farsi, with a rape victim from Evin Prison; and so much more.

For more information click on the title of this post or go to

Sounds Co-op Handbook: released!

Twelve years ago, CJLY-FM Kootenay Co-operative Radio flipped a switch and started broadcasting, neighbour to neighbour, within their community of more than 10,000 people.

Now, teaming up with the NCRA, they’ve produced a handbook to help other communities do the same.

The "Sounds Co-operative Handbook" was funded by a grant from the Co-operative Development Initiative and covers topics like forming a co-operative, how to start a not-for-profit community radio station from idea to first transmission, and profiles of the 15 co-operative community radio stations across Canada.

It also commemorates 2012 as the International Year of Co-operatives, declared by the United Nations.

For more information, click on the title of this post. To view the handbook, hear the first documentary, and for project updates, visit the project's freshly launched website, at