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TONIGHT! Homelessness Marathon

On Wednesday, February 25 to Thursday, February 26, 2015, CFRC 101.9 FM in Kingston, Ontario will host the 2015 Homelessness Marathon. The yearly overnight broadcast is shared on campus and community stations from coast to coast, creating linkages and raising awareness of homelessness in Canadian communities.

The Marathon began in 1998 in Geneva, New York and this year the 17th annual Homelessness Marathon will take place in Sarasota, FL. The concept moved North to Canada 13 years ago with CKUT-FM in Montreal as the host station. Last year the Marathon was hosted by CJSR-FM in Edmonton.

The 2015 marathon will feature local and national programming including 14 stations representing six provinces, as well as a special edition of GroundWire focusing on homelessness, with headlines and feature stories from more stations across the country. The 2014 Homelessness Marathon was broadcast by 35 community radio broadcasters across Canada.

Check out CFRC-FM's webpage about it here.

Voices of Community Radio: Week Eight!

It's Programmer Week redux on this instalment of Voices of Community Radio!

Listen to the double-or-nothing host of the shows G R L G R M S and Mood Swings on CIVL-FM in Abbotsford and Resonating Reconciliation producer, Alicia Williams! 

Listen to Jarrett Evan Samson, Tough Age frontperson and bass player of the Apollo Ghosts talking about his old show Geographing on CJSF-FM in Vancouver and how radio helped him get in to playing music himself and inspired him to start his own label. 

Hear about Christmas Spooktaculars and awards on this week's Voices of Community Radio!

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Voices of Community Radio: Week Seven!

Voices of Community Radio is back this week with Vancouverite extradinarie Maegan Thomas, Spoken Word Coordinator at CJSF-FM and former Advertising Coordinator of host of the Arts Report at CiTR-FM, and Rob Schmidt, Station Manager of CKUW-FM in Winnipeg. 

Hear about Meat Magazine, Backstage Passes to Life, and how CKUW-FM wouldn't have existed as a station without the NCRA. 

For more Voices, including programmers, volunteers, listeners, and staff, follow this link to the Voices of Communtiy Radio page. 

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Voices of Community Radio: Week Six!

Today we are celebrating the important work that Membership Coordinator and Resonating Reconciliation Project Materials Coordinator Kari Benninghaus and Resonating Reconciliation Outreach Coordinator Gunargie O'Sullivan.

On Voices of Community Radio, Kari and Gunargie talk about what they hope will come from the Resonating Reconciliation project; things both beautiful and terrifying; and aural road trips.

Sadly, their contracts at the NCRA come to a close today, however we hope to welcome them back as soon as possible to continue the work they have begun with Resonating Reconiliation.

Follow this link to hear their Voices and more. To donate to the NCRA through our Friends of Community Radio program and support project like Resonating Reconciliation, follow this link

Pictured, the NCRA Board continues our tradition of celebrating milestones and major accomplishments with delicious treats at our in-person board meeting today. 

Voices of Community Radio: Week Five!

This week we turn the mic on ourselves!

NCRA staff members Shelley and Penny stepped into our sophisticated recording booth (read: we took our recorder into the abandoned office across the hall and hid under a sweater to muffle the echo) to try and explain how it came to be that we love c/c radio so much and why we believe the NCRA is vital to campus and community radio in Canada.

There is talk about first days, Mudhoney, and recording shows off the radio to mail to friends.

For more Voices, including station programmers, staff, volunteers, and NCRA project leaders, follow this link. To learn more about the Friends program, follow this link.   

Programmer week on Voices of Community Radio!

Listen to CKCU-FM programmer Rachel Weldon and CJSW-FM programmer Dave Shiroky as they talk about their love of community radio, good surprises in the mail, and the secret origin of CJSW's couches.

Voices of Community Radio: Week three!

This week we hear from our brand new Board President Brian Cleveland and our disAbilities Handbook founder and Co-Editor, Board Member Stephane Bertrand!


Voices of Community Radio: Week two!

Yes, we're doing this every week! This week, we're delighted to present CiTR-FM past President Grace McRae-Okine and our very own former Executive Director, Friends program brain-parent, and money-where-his-mouth-is first official Friend of Community Radio, Kevin Matthews!

The NCRA turns 28! Friends of Community Radio is born!

It's the NCRA's 28th anniversary today! We celebrated with cupcakes, Regulatory Support Guides, and Friends of Community Radio!

Support the work of the NCRA now and into the future through our BRAND NEW Friends of Community Radio program. Learn more about the program here.

The NCRA's New Voices of Community Radio Series

Welcome to the first week of Voices of Community Radio, a series showcasing the experiences and stories of campus and community radio lovers from across the country. The week we're featuring two of our newest Friends of Community Radio, CiTR-FM Station Manager Brenda Grunau and CFUV-FM Programming Director Johnnie Regalado!