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NCRA Announes major new project: !earshot Digital Distribution System

The NCRA are teaming up with the Canadian Music Industry to bring how we get Canadian artists on-air into the digital realm. We are going to create a tool, where artists, musicians and record labels upload their music once and it will be available to over 100 campus and community radio stations! Saving tens of thousands in sending our music to each and every individual station!

We are looking for your feedback!

NCRA welcomes CJUJ, CHYF and CFBI to make 97 Members

The NCRA is thrilled that we are joined by CJUJ - FM (Phantom FM), CHYF-FM (GIMAA RADIO) and CFBI-FM.... [Click story title for more information]

NCRA and SOCAN agree to reduced logging requirements

The National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA/ANREC) is proud to announce that on-going discussions with our partners at SOCAN have resulted in changes to the reporting requirements for SOCAN surveys of broadcast content.

As of June 27th, all Campus and Community Radio Stations can remove the.....

A warm welcome to Patrick Auguste - NCRA Project Coordinator RVF

Hello Everyone

A warm welcome to Patrick Auguste who has joined the NCRA office today. Patrick will be coordinating the RVF Program for 2016-2017 and some other national project so look for his communication shortly as thanks to Heritage Canada, we have an exciting 2016-2017 Rendez-vous de la Francophonie program starting.

NextRadio Now Available Online in Canada!!

As of July 1st, NextRadio, the partner program we are working with in the states, is now available in Google Play. This means that phones which are unlocked and have the FM Chip enabled (see list here for the states which phones work - can now get FM radio.

The NCRA Celebrates a successful 35th National Conference!

The 35th NCRC hosted by CHUO-FM in Ottawa was a resounding success! With over 130 delegates in attendance from droves of stations, both old and brand new! The NCRA is welcoming 3 new Board Directors to our Board, and the succesfull re-election of Johnnie Regelado. There was a week packed with presentations, seminars and workshops from folks in the Ottawa community, Industry partners and more!

The NCRA is hiring a National Programs Coordinator!

We are seeking a full-time National Project Coordinator. Based in Ottawa (180 Metcalfe Street), the National Project Coordinator will work with and report to the NCRA/ANREC Executive Director. This is a one-year contract with possible renewal, dependent on funding and performance supported by the Rendez-vous de la Francophonie Program in support with Heritage Canada.

The National Campus and Community Radio Conference!

CHUO is the proud host of the 35th Annual National Campus and Community Radio Conference June 6-11, 2016 (#NCRC35). #NCRC35 unites approximately 150 independent radio delegates from across the country to engage in skill-building and professional development, and high-level discussions around content creation and the future of the sector. The conference also includes the Community Radio Awards Gala on Friday June 10 at Jean Pigott Hall, as well as a variety of live music and networking events throughout Ottawa-Gatineau June 6-11.

Unlock the FM Chips on smart phones!

I have some very exciting news. The NCRA is about to lead a nation-wide campaign to pressure major telecoms (Rogers, Bell, Telus etc) and manufacturers to turn on what is called an "fm chip", which is installed on most smartphones already but not active (some phones have this enabled already). These organizations want to keep these chips disabled because they make money off of data use, whereas the FM chips don’t require data. The sector is interested in turning them on because it opens up more listening opportunities for people to hear FM radio (among other benefits, such as saves battery life when listening to music on the go, allows for emergency broadcasting alerts to be reached etc).....[Click title to read more]

NCRA Indigenous Zine - Content Wanted April 16 Deadline

Hello/Tansi/Salut/Yaw and in many more languages,

The Indigenous committee is putting together a zine about developing PSAs identifying traditional territories, per the action item on the Board’s strategic plan, which arose from the Open Space discussion at the 34th National Campus and Community Radio Conference (“NCRC”) this past June.