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NCRA/ANREC Hires Marketing & Outreach Coord. Juanita Muwanga

The NCRA/ANREC is thrilled to announce that we have hired Juanita Muwanga as the Marketing and Outreach Coordinator for the NCRA. Juanita will be focusing on developing ways to get more people to listen and interact with member stations [read more]

Looking for developer to aid music distribution (April 14 deadline)

The !eDDS will be an online platform where campus and community radio stations will have access to a database of Canadian artists musical recordings to broadcast over the radio. We have distributed the RFP to several companies, and databases looking to get as many proposals as we can back. [Click for More]

NCRA/ANREC Partners with 3rd Annual 60 Second Radio Awards

Montreal, March 5th, 2017. The 60 Second Radio international contest is pleased to announce that the National Campus and Community Radio Association of Canada (NCRA/ANREC), Phonugia Nova & l'École des Médias (ÉDM) will be official partners of this Canadian and world radio production event. Over the past two years, the NCRA and the ÉDM have given their support to the contest and broadcast project.... [Read More Here]

NCRA Announces NCRC36 Abbotsford BC funding - Deadline Mar 31 2017

The NCRA/ANREC has been able to secure funding for a second year in a row to bring under-represented and disadvantaged individuals to attend the NCRC in Abbotsford BC between June 7-11th of 2016 ... [Click for more]

NCRA and RadioPlayer announce agreement

Canada's National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA/ANREC) has joined a growing consortium of premier radio broadcasters representing more than 400 stations who have come together to launch the Radioplayer Canada app and desktop streaming player technology in Canada..... [Click for more]

Local 107.3 FM Gears up for Homelessness Marathon 2017!

Local 107.3 FM have shared their promotional material for the Homelessness Marathon 2017!
While also announcing 17 stations participating! Also 11 hours of programming planned from a number of different stations across the country. The event kicks off at 7pm Atlantic on the 22nd of Feb. For more information contact Local 107.3 FM (CFMH - FM)

NCRA/ANREC signs deal with New Zealand for Community Radio Exchange

Canada’s National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA/ANREC) and New Zealand's Association of Community Access Broadcasters (ACAB), are proud to announce a new partnership and program sharing agreement on the Community Radio Exchange.

Starting in January of 2017, ACAB members will upload between 4 and 6 weekly radio shows highlighting the diversity of New Zealand community radio for airplay on Canadian campus and community stations through the NCRA/ANRECs’ Community Radio Exchange platform. The NCRA/ANREC will also make top Canadian programs available for New Zealand community radio stations to syndicate at [click to read more]

GOOD NEW ! RVF Websites updated !

(French follows) The Rendez-Vous De La Francophonie official website has been just updated for 2017. This includes new graphics from our main external partner the Cross Cultural Foundation of Dialogue for the RVF.
Their website has just been updated and revamped for this new year. Check it at and promote throughout your network and the social media. Their hashtag name is # RVFFranco. We have included here in attachment their press release from last week.

Community Radio Growing in Canada!

The CRTC’s 2016 Communications Monitoring Report revealed some key information about subjects that are relevant to the campus and community radio sector. One element highlighted is the increasing number of stations. The report says, “Private commercial radio stations account for almost two thirds of all the audio services in Canada, while community stations, the second most numerous type of audio service, represented 12% of all audio services in 2015.”

NCRA Launches RVF for 2017!

The program in 2017 will expand to include the celebration of the 150 th anniversary of Canada, and will be happening with NCRA member stations for a 12 months period between October 2016 and October 2017