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Support CKLN: sign the petition, listen to the voices

Last week the CRTC revoked the license of CKLN-FM, the community-based campus station operating out of Ryerson University. This is a huge blow to Toronto and other campus and community broadcasters across the country. Here's some of what they've done to show their support and solidarity:

PETITION: Former CKLN volunteer and longtime listener Lindsay Bess created an online petition that says, in part, "CKLN is vital to our community, and without its presence on air we lose not only a rich history of our city, but future opportunities....Please support CKLN". It already has more than 1500 signatures and will be sent to the government and the CRTC.

Check it out and add your name and thoughts here:

RADIO: CKUT-FM in Montreal produced an hour of special programming about the station, featuring former staff, listeners and volunteers.

Get it here:

PSA: CHLY-FM in Nanaimo, BC produced a public service announcement about CKLN for their listeners.There are more than 150 campus and community stations across Canada -- and the risk of losing one is heartbreaking. The mp3 is attached to this page for listening or, if you're a station, feel free to play it or create your own. 

For more information on what you can do to help CKLN-FM, visit their website at

CRTC revokes CKLN-FM's license

The NCRA/ANREC is shocked by today's decision by the CRTC to revoke CKLN's licence, as the Commission could have taken other reasonable steps to ensure regulatory compliance while allowing CKLN to continue serving the community.

The NCRA/ANREC agrees with CRTC Commissioner Poirier's dissent to this decision when she states that it was "premature, disproportionate and inequitable". Poirier also states that as far as she can tell "the Commission has never revoked a license without first issuing a mandatory order or reducing the license term."

"This is a huge loss not just for the city of Toronto, but also for community media across the country," said NCRA executive director Shelley Robinson.

"We need places where people can speak for themselves, to their own communities. This is as important in big cities with crowded spectrum as it is in small towns with no other local radio."

The full decision is here:

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New policy brings essential funding

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) released a decision today that will provide stable funding for community radio in Canada for the first time.

More than $750,000 each year will go towards the Community Radio Fund of Canada to help support stations. The money was part of a larger policy that governs the sector and recognized the vital role community radio plays in local development.

The full policy can be found here:

The three associations that represent 144 French and English campus and community stations across the country say the decision was a long time coming and is a good first step.

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New member: CFTH-FM

Welcome to CFTH 97.7 FM in Harrington Harbour, Quebec!

This island station was first incorporated in 1985, but it took another six years of hard work and fundraising by local volunteers for CFTH to officially start broadcasting on January 21st, 1991. They now reach six communities (five English and one French) and approximately 1000-1500 people. In summer the station is only accessible by boat and in the winter, snowmobile.

The station is run by three staff, Station Manager Kate Nadeau, Program Director Nancy Bobbitt and On-air Host Lois Jones. In the summer, they broadcast live every weekday 7am-3:30pm. (Fall and Winter they start an hour later.)

Probably the most popular show is "Harbourside" which airs every weekday from the open of broadcasting till noon. Hosted by Nancy Bobbitt it features local news, trivia, contests and music requests.

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Drumroll please....

It's finally time to announce the winners!

The NCRA Awards were founded in 1993 with a contribution from the Standard Radio group and ran as the Standard Awards for 12 years. Since 2005 they have been the NCRA Community Radio Awards.

But whatever the name, the Awards have always served as a place for our members to recognize the amazing work that goes on in our sector –- from what we put on air to how we contribute to our communities. And, needless to say, the entries here are only a slice of the great work produced by member stations.

Thanks to everyone who applied. It was a record year! We had 103 submissions from new and longstanding members and campus and community stations working in both rural and urban areas. In fact we had so much material that we had to strike two juries!

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NCRC: June. Island. Radio. Camp.

Gabriola Co-op Radio is hosting this year's National Campus and Community Radio Conference (NCRC) June 7-11.

It will be a week-long “Camp Radio” with a five-day immersion in all things radio, community and community radio — hosted in a beautiful rural island setting. (There’s even a campfire to gather round….)

The conference is open to all NCRA members as well as anyone else interested in expanding their radio skills and knowledge. But it won’t be all work and no play as we have also arranged lots of entertainment and time for networking outside workshops. See you in June!

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Grants grants grants!

Congratulations to the 13 NCRA members from across the country who received funding through the Community Radio Fund of Canada's Radio Talent Development Program and Youth Internship Program.

"This is just the shot in the arm that we need to move the station forward," says Doug Switzer of CJHQ-FM in Nakusp, British Columbia, an NCRA member who have been broadcasting since 2005. They will be using the money to produce programming on "Valley of Water: The Arrow Lakes & The Columbia River Treaty".

Other members will be doing programming on local history, poverty, and First Nations music as well as producing live broadcasts, running radio camps and supporting a women’s radio collective.

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New media and community radio

Community radio is using new media and emerging technologies to extend our local access and quality programming even further. Financial support from the government and industry would allow us to do more of this good work.

That's the message the NCRA delivered this past week to the CRTC and the House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage.

For more information, or to read the full transcripts of our comments, click the title of this post.

Thank you and happy trails

Kevin Matthews started as Executive Director of the NCRA in March 2008 and is now moving on. His past community radio experience was at CJUM-FM in Winnipeg and he has also worked with alternative media and arts groups.

In his two years with us, Kevin oversaw many important changes to the organization, including an increased lobbying presence, more than 20 new members and some fancy new communications products (like the one you're reading.) He also managed a two-year grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation and laid the groundwork for future funding.

Quick-witted and kind, with ideas to spare, he helped many people and made many friends. He will be missed. Thanks to Kevin for all his work! We wish him well on everything that comes next.

Staffing change at NCRA/Anrec

We have a big change to announce: Shelley Robinson is the new Executive Director of the NCRA, starting today, 26 April. Shelley has been our Membership Coordinator from the end of December 2008 to this month, and her community radio history goes back to 1994 at CKDU-FM in Halifax.

In the new position, Shelley will continue to do much of the work she has been doing with members and communications but will also be taking on fundraising, advocacy and general administration. (But not much of the messy field reporting you see in this picture....)

For more information, click on the title of this post. And please welcome Shelley aboard and join us in wishing her all the best!