CICK-FM Smithers Radio: (Floating) On-air!

Last weekend CICK-FM in Smithers, BC broadcast live from that station for the first time! They got licensed in June 2009 and built studios in space donated by a local non-profit. The new signal reaches all the way from the Telkwa landfill to the airport and beyond on 93.9 fm.

They are currently testing the signal with a repeating playlist, but also testing out their new DJs. Programs and broadcast times are changing regularly, so check the schedule at They're not yet set up to stream live via the internet, but it's in their plans.

In the meantime, they are still looking for: a turntable, mic and stand, a cd player, and any various audio cables you may have lying around. Contact if you can help out.

Glen, one of the station's founders, thanks everyone who has supported them this far. Now tune in!