CHLY'n with Buckwheat Zydeco

CHLY-FM, known as Radio Malaspina, is in Nanaimo, BC. And this month they're having their eighth annual Membership Drive since they went FM! It runs September 20-28th and will kick off with a performance by legendary New Orleans accordion player Buckwheat Zydeco.

The station represents students from Vancouver Island University and Nanaimo community members. Their goal this year is for 300 community members to renew and 100 new folks to sign up: which is why the slogan is "join the cause". Membership is only $25 for a year. More information is only a click away at

Here's their top ten reasons to join:

1. Be a proud supporter of independent media.
2. Support the uncensored voice of the local people.
3. Help create a sense of community that is not politically or commercially organized.
4. Promote local singers, groups, artists, writers, performers, commentators and DJs, who might otherwise go unheard.
5. Provide an alternative voice to homogenous, generic opinion.
6. Encourage local young (and old) people to be bold and daring on the public airwaves.
7. Help provide a vital link between the various volunteer organizations in the Nanaimo region.
8. Allow people from the Gulf Islands to feel connected to Nanaimo and the other islands.
9. Help provide a platform for the concerns and issues affecting local people.
10. Discover a whole new circle of friends with interesting things to talk about.