CFRU turns 30!

CFRU-FM, the community-based campus station at the University of Guelph, turns 30 on January 28, 2010!

Radio at the University of Guelph dates back to 1939 when there was a credit course in radio broadcasting offered by the Ontario Agricultural College. Throughout the late 1950s and early 60s the university produced a half hour radio program for a local AM station. Then in 1965, broadcast executive Frank Ryan bequeathed the university $25,000 in his will to launch its own radio station.

In 1969 Radio Gryphon, named after the university mascot, began regular programming to cafeterias and student lounges through a closed circuit system. Then they got an AM license for the campus.

Finally in 1980 they were CFRU-FM, reaching Guelph and beyond. This past year they raised more than $10,000 from their funding drive for a new transmitter (and 250 W of power) and are participating in an international soundscape project with groups from Australia and Northern Ireland that will be featured at the Guelph Jazz Festival.

Congratulations to CFRU! (And to Guelph!)