CFRC gains student levy increase

CFRC, Canada's oldest campus broadcaster, enjoys increased financial support from Queen's students.

At the Queen's AMS meeting March 23, students voted to increase CFRC's student levy by $1.01. On the way to the meeting, about 75 CFRC supporters gathered in a parade - complete with a giant puppet! - to drum up support. The new levy is also indexed to an annual cost-of-living increase, which is something we at the NCRA like to see, since so many stations' student levies actually shrink over time because of inflation.

Campus radio stations on the whole rely on students for about 50% of revenue. In return, the stations are committed to making their airwaves open to students and student issues as well as those of the local non-student community. Students and other local volunteers get broadcast training and experience that isn't available anywhere else, and a place where they can create their own media and take an active role in creating local culture, information and news programming.

CFRC first broadcast on-air to the public in 1923 - read more of their interesting history at the CFRC website:

Congratulations to CFRC on another step forward, and to Queen's students on putting your support behind one of Canada's most storied radio stations.