An open letter to Redbeard

Dear Redbeard (aka Jeff Corbett),

This is to express our profound thanks: You’re the first volunteer programmer in the country to respond to the NCRA’s funding needs by throwing a grassroots benefit for the association, and we greatly appreciate it.

You're known in Regina for your CJTR programming and support of local emerging artists, and now we want the whole country to know you as an NCRA donor!

If more volunteers at member stations will follow your lead, it will help us keep the NCRA operating at its current level. As well, it is encouraging for our fundraising committee to know that members see the value of our work and are willing to get involved at the grassroots. Fundraising is hard work, and when you volunteer your time and energy this way it is a big boost to us all.

Thanks for the work you do in the community, and for sending some of that positivity and revenue our way!

All of us at NCRA/ANREC