A day of national First Nations programming

Tuesday, June 23rd, 7-9AM & 3-9PM E.S.T
Eight hours of First Nations Stories, Music and Issues brought to you by
the Native Caucus of the National Campus and Community Radio Association
CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal, on Mohawk territory -- www.ckut.ca

Voices of our Nations Radio-a-thon is the first-ever collaboration of
indigenous programmers from stations in all corners of the country. There
are over one million First Peoples, from dozens of nations, with dozens of
languages, living in Canada. June 21st marks National Aboriginal Day --
this broadcast celebrates Aboriginal identity, history and culture, and is
an opportunity for inter-tribal dialogue and storytelling about the
on-going issues around land rights, resources, missing and murdered
indigenous women, 2010 Olympics and the 120-year history of Residential

This is the first annual VOICES OF OUR NATIONS broadcast. Hosted by the
Native Caucus of the National Community and Campus Radio Association
(NCRA) and CKUT 90.3FM, it will take place live from campus and community
radio stations from coast-to-coast-to-coast on Tuesday, June 23rd, opening
at 7am-to-9am EST, continuing at 3pm, and closing at 9pm EST.

After centuries of land and resource theft, attempts at assimilation and
hundreds of missing and murdered women, it is time indigenous peoples take
something back. Join us as we take back the airwaves! Listeners are
invited to call in at 514.448.4013.

Listen live at 90.3FM in Montreal and surrounding area, or online at

Irkar Beljaars, 514.448.4041 x6788 // 514.572.2684
email: voicesofournations@ckut.ca


7h00-9h00 - Welcome to VOICES of OUR NATIONS
15h00 - Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
16h00 - Resistance
17h00 - Health and Well-being
18h00 - Urban Issues and the Justice System
19h00 - Music, Culture and Native ways
20h00 - Elders