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107.9 FM
Ottawa, ON

1385 Woodroffe Ave.
Ottawa, ON
K2G 1V8

(613) 727-4723 ext. 2408 or ext. 2409
Ottawa's New Music

CKDJ is a campus instructional radio station that operates as part of the Broadcasting Radio program at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario,Canada. Algonquin radio started in 1972 as CBRT (College Broadcasting Radio Television). CBRT was a ‘closed circuit’ radio station – a fancy term for a lot of speaker wire connecting Master Control to speakers set up in student common areas around the campus. CKDJ 96.9 FM went on the air on October 3, 1994. It was an 8 watt radio station that broadcast at Algonquin College’s Woodroffe Campus, as a ‘campus instructional’ station.

Up until March of 2003, CKDJ broadcast at 96.9 FM with 8 watts of power, but, 2003 was a busy year in radio and many new stations entered the Ottawa market. To keep up with the changes that were happening, CKDJ went to 107.9 FM and 100 watts of power. This allowed for new opportunities for the students in the radio program to work on a station with a broadcast range that covers most of Ottawa! We now broadcast to a potential audience of 300 thousand people across the greater Ottawa area. We also reach new music fans from around the world who listen to our live stream.

CKDJ is run by students for students.