Wednesday, May 22

We are thrilled that as part of our grant from Employment and Social Development Canada we received a grant. A key part of our grant is $50,000 available for stations to improve the physical accessibility of their stations.

We are making available grants of $500 to $8,000 for you to improve accessibility.

Monday, May 6

On behalf of the NCRA/ANREC board of directors I would like to invite you to attend the 2019 Annual General Meeting, to be held on Wed, June 5, from 1:00 pm to 3:30pm at Ryerson University (room to be announced) as well as online using the AGMeeting app.

Members will vote on a 2021 conference host at this year’s AGM. If your station would like to host the conference please check out this document or call staff for more information. Your station must submit an expression of interest to the NCRA/ANREC Executive Director Barry Rooke ( by May 15th, 2019 and staff will work with you to make sure your application meets the requirements of hosting the conference before presenting it to membership.

About the NCRA/ANREC

See for yourself: community voices are powerful.

Founded in 1986, we help campus and community radio stations get and stay on-air. We help amplify under-represented voices. We foster and celebrate compelling local grassroots radio. And we bring stations together to share their skills, passions, and ideas.

As part of this work, we also represent community radio to the government, CRTC, and other agencies.

Listen local, think national and get involved! The power is yours.

We currently have 107 members and continue to grow. Our Mission 



Proud partners for RVF 2019 - Marathon day of Programming March 20. Visit for more




The NCRA/ANREC is supported by the Community Radio Fund of Canada/Fonds canadien de la radio communautaire (CRFC), the only organization mandated to financially support campus and community radio stations in Canada, and we want to thank the CRFC and the private broadcasters who make it possible