Voices 4 Ability Station Manager [Volunteer]

Organization Name: 
Voices 4 Ability
Toronto, Ontario

The station manager reports to the Founder/President of Connect 4 Life/Voices 4 Ability-Melanie Taddeo
This is a volunteer position- that has a 6 month probation period to ensure it works out for both parties.
The station Manager will be in charge of:
• Creating structure for the radio station-daily/weekly show
• Infovoices4ability e-mail
• Calendar on website to promote upcoming shows
• Liaise with Pete at Whiterock if any technical issues arise
• Twitter account for V4A
• Playlists-ensure they are suitable
• To ensure that reporters/hosts programs get put on the station
• Provide marketing rep with enough notice to promote upcoming shows
• Work collaborates with C4L/V4A team on program ideas
• Work as a team player with V4A & C4L teams



How to Apply: 
You can apply by sending your resume to melanie@connect4life.ca
Closing Date: 
Sun, 2017-12-31