Student Communications Analyst

Organization Name: 
Community Radio Fund of Canada

The Community Radio Fund of Canada (CRFC) is an independent not-for- profit funding

organization. Its mandate is to support licensed campus and community radio stations

in their work as local broadcasters in communities across Canada.

The CRFC is currently seeking two (2) student Communication Analysts to help craft

targeted messages that highlight the sector’s benefits.

The Radio Fund recently commissioned a study to detail the economic impact of

Community and Campus radio, including returns on public investment; the overall

impact of Radio Fund grants; and the sector’s reach into communities varying in size,

isolation from urban centres; and linguistic make-up.

We anticipate messages will focus on, among other things:

 Newcomers to Canada

 Aboriginal Peoples

 Members of linguistic minorities

 Listeners with social/employment barriers

 Environmental Protection

 Democratic engagement

 Children & Youth

 Public Health & Safety

 Cultural Development (including Canada’s 150 Anniversary of Confederation)


The Radio Fund celebrates diversity. Targeting students of Communications and

Broadcast with experience and/or ties to the above noted communities, any serious

student returning to full time studies in September 2016 is welcome to apply.



temporary positions will run 8 weeks, approximately from Monday July 4 th through to

Friday August 26 th with a remuneration of $17/hr.

8 weeks July 4th to August 26th
How to Apply: 
To apply for the role of Communications Analyst, send your CV and a cover letter outlining your interest in communications to:
Closing Date: 
Wed, 2016-06-22