Station Manager

Organization Name: 
Student Media/University of Windsor – CJAM 99.1 FM
Windsor, Ontario

Student Media/University of Windsor – CJAM 99.1 FM – is hiring for the position of a full-time STATION MANAGER. The salaried position requires a minimum of 35 hours per week.

CJAM is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven, campus-based community radio station. We provide music and information programming not offered by mainstream commercial media in the Windsor/Detroit area. We serve people and groups within the community who are under represented or maligned by mainstream media by allowing a forum to express their views.

GENERAL JOB DESCRIPTION: The Station Manager is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the station operations and acts as the liaison between the Corporation and the University, the UWSA, the NCRA, the Federal, Provincial, and Municipal governments, the CRTC, and the Windsor/Detroit community. The Station Manager is the agent for the property.

Duties include:
• Management and oversight of all aspects and operations of CJAM.
• To ensure that all staff and volunteers are informed of and comply with current CRTC/CJAM regulations and policies.
• Reporting requested aspects of the operations to the CRTC annually and as directed throughout the broadcast year.
• Representing CJAM throughout the annual audit process.
• Hiring, training, supervision, and termination of all contract, grant and commission employees.
• Act as the Recording Secretary for CJAM, ensuring organizational memory and infrastructure.
• Oversee any major projects initiated by the Corporation.
• Plan an annual budget.
• Monitor expenses and keep them within the limits of the annual budget.
• Develop station revenue resources as may be derived from the annual pledge drive, grants, charitable foundations, advertising, campus/community events, and other fund-raising initiatives.
• Administration of all financial paperwork including payroll, time cards, pay stubs, health coverage, invoices, insurance, petty cash, etc.
• Administration of all charitable bingo related paperwork, licenses, correspondences with city gaming-analyst, coordination of bingo workers.
• To enforce and maintain records of employee files with regards to time cards, work logs, written warnings, performance reviews, etc.
• Assist the executive with difficulties that may arise with volunteers.
• In the absence of an advertising director, the station manager is responsible for all duties expected of that position and with hiring for the position.
• To coordinate annual staff evaluations.
• To consult with technical experts on a regular basis to discuss station audio, office, computer and transmitting equipment with regards to maintenance, upgrades, etc.
• The ordering of equipment and replacement parts in co-ordination with the relevant technical experts.
• Supplying and stocking general office supplies.
• To organize the maintenance of the station website/ web presence and all the services provided therein.
• To organize CJAM’s annual 24-hour radio marathon, Joe Strummer Day to Confront Poverty in Windsor-Detroit, along with other special broadcasts.


• A proven ability to understand, uphold, and comply with CRTC guidelines.
• A proven ability to meet deadlines revolving around regulatory commitments at the local, provincial, and federal level.
• Demonstrated experience and knowledge of community radio.
• The ability to represent programmers across cultural and political spectrums.
• Successful grant-writing experience.
• Demonstrated staff and volunteer management experience.
• Demonstrated understanding of the city’s bingo lottery infrastructure.
• Experience with mediation and/or conflict resolution.
• Experience dealing with matters of human rights, harassment, libel, and malice.
• Experience in journalism and new media.
• Strong organizational and time-management skills.
• Advanced computer and radio/audio production skills.
• Excellent interpersonal, communication and listening skills

*Please be advised that the successful candidate will be required to complete a police record check and will be reimbursed for all costs related to this check prior to the beginning of the job contract. Pursuant to By-Law No. 65-2007 section 6(a), the City of Windsor requires all bingo-signing officers to complete a police record check. The Station Manager will be responsible for this playing this role. The CJAM Board of Directors retains the right to withdraw any offer of employment should the candidate be unable to provide the police record check, or if the police record check gives the CJAM Board of Directors just cause to withdraw the offer of employment. Likewise, if the police record check makes the candidate ineligible to administer bingo lotteries or act as signing officer, CJAM’s Board of Directors reserves the right to withdraw the job offer.

Only qualified applicants selected by the hiring committee will be contacted for an interview.

CJAM is an anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-homophobic organization committed to diversity and equity. We strongly encourage applications from all visible and non-visible minorities. Where there is equity in qualifications and track records, preference will be given to minority applicants.


SALARY: $30,000-$35,000 to start, depending on experience. Two weeks vacation plus extended health benefits.

TERMS: 35 hours per week (with some work on weekends and evenings).
How to Apply: 
Please apply via e-mail to Please include your resume and cover letter as part of your application. If you have received a security clearance within the past three months, please include a copy of this as well. The deadline for applications is Thursday, Feb. 4, 2016 at 5 pm.
Closing Date: 
Thu, 2016-02-04