Organization Name: 
CiTR 101.9 FM
Vancouver, BC

CiTR 101.9 FM is the broadcasting voice of the University of British Columbia, beginning as a student

club in 1937, and gaining not­for­profit status and a place on the FM dial in 1982. Run by the Student

Radio Society of UBC, CiTR offers students and community members broadcast training and access to

the airwaves. CiTR offers alternative coverage of every genre and perspective, with a mandate to

support niche programming and Canadian and local artists. Since 1983, CiTR has also published

Discorder Magazine, providing Vancouver’s best monthly coverage of the local music and arts scene.

Over the next five years, CiTR aims to improve the quality and diversity of our on­air programming,

explore media and technology to expand our reach and content, maintain a high proportion of

students on­air, and promote our content and services to students, community members and


The Station Manager is the leader of this dynamic organization, responsible for developing and

implementing strategies to achieve these goals. This position provides overall management for CiTR,

managing 20+ employees, 150+ on­air programmers, and a society membership of 440+ volunteers,

reporting to the Board of Directors.

The Station Manager is responsible for:

A) Building an open, participatory and collaborative organization that engages and attracts

students and volunteers. This includes:

● Facilitating a student­run organization that involves students and volunteers in decision

● Creating a positive, inclusive, volunteer­friendly culture, and recruiting those with an

● Supporting the Board of Directors, Student Executive and CiTR’s membership, ensuring

making and integrates new volunteers into the workings of CiTR

interest in campus/community radio

broad participation in governance and operations and transparency in reporting.

B) Managing the strategic direction and the day to day management of a healthy and effective

not­for­profit organization:

● Guiding strategic planning processes in consultation with the Board of Directors and

student leadership. Working with all levels of the organization to create, update and

implement a strategy and vision for CiTR and Discorder, and evaluate progress towards

these goals.

compliance with regulation

● Maintaining CiTR’s broadcast license, responsible for CRTC submissions, reporting and

● Managing finances, including budgeting, reporting, grant writing and financial planning

● Coordinating and directing all revenue generating activities, including fundraising, grants,

● Managing human resources, including hiring, developing job descriptions, supervision,

advertising, DJ services, equipment rentals and special events

managing performance, and the coordination of staff, contractors and volunteers
Managing marketing and promotions, including media relations, media sponsorships of

community events and festivals, and membership recruitment

● Managing capital equipment, technology, software and digital processes in consultation

with CiTR’s engineering, programming and technical staff

● Managing internal communication with staff, board members, student leadership,

volunteers and CiTR members

● Managing and maintaining positive relationships with regulators and stakeholders

including the CRTC, Industry Canada, the Alma Mater Society, the University of British

Columbia, local businesses, funders, community organizations and alumni

● Maintaining relations with other campus and community radio stations, the NCRA, and

other media stakeholders

● Understanding, researching and representing CiTR on issues of policy, legislation,

regulation, copyright, developing and updating policies and processes as necessary

● Strategizing ways to adapt, remain relevant and serve our mandate/community given the

changing nature of broadcasting, publishing, media production, content creation and the

applications of new media and technology


The ideal candidate will exhibit the following qualities:

● Collaborative management, governance and strategy

● Capacity to lead, manage and motivate others

● Strong managerial and administrative skills

● A commitment to high quality service

● Friendly, engaging, approachable

● Proven ability to work with diverse populations

● Excellent analytical, interpersonal, and communication skills (oral and written)

● Ability to manage conflict and interpersonal issues

● Strong critical thinking, problem solving, grant writing and project management skills

● Demonstrated flexibility and willingness to take initiative

● Commitment to developing ongoing professional knowledge and skills

● A passion for community radio, independent magazines and media production


Salary: ​$33­38,000 with benefits

​The Station Manager will be hired as an employee on a 1­year contract, with a three­month probationary period, with the intention of renewal after a successful performance review.
How to Apply: 
To apply, send a resume and cover letter by Sunday, July 3, 2016, to Brenda Grunau, Station Manager, at ​​.
Closing Date: 
Sat, 2016-07-16