Station Director

Organization Name: 
Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Station Director is responsible for the financial and administrative operations of the
station. This includes developing and administering budgets, overseeing and monitoring
fundraising, communicating with the CKDU Board of Directors, the Dalhousie Student Union
and external organizations like the CRTC, all the while working within the cooperative staff
structure, as a part of station committees, and with volunteers on station projects.
The duties of Station Director are as follows:
● Administrate Human Resources tasks included but not limited to:
● Acting as liaison between the Board and all other staff as well as the administrator for
all contract employees
● Coordinate relevant employment paperwork for all new and current employees, both
permanent and temporary;
● Additional paperwork and HR administration as per the Board’s request, such as
striking Hiring Committees which may include consultation with the staff collective,
making offers, and delivering decisions.
● Administrate and help the Board with annual and periodic (for probationary
employees) evaluations.
● Attend weekly staff meetings, and participate in a collective staff structure;
● Manage day-to-day cash flow, bill payments, cheque requisitions, deposits, petty cash, grant
funding, project expense reports, and budgets;
● Work with Finance Committee to develop, implement, and monitor operating and capital
budgets and long-term fiscal planning;
● Work closely with the Bookkeeper, Dalhousie Student Union Accounting Department, and
CKDU FM’s bank to monitor requisitions, accounts, and all other financial matters;
● Maintain and monitor station resources and office supplies for all departments, including
Programming, Music, and Tech to prioritize station needs in a fair manner. This includes
consulting with staff in each department;
● Oversee, plan, and manage a communications and marketing strategy that includes
traditional media as well as online and social media content (including but not limited to an enewsletter,
website maintenance, community promotions, and social media management).
These tasks can be delegated but the planning and responsibility will be that of the Director.
● Be primarily responsible for the funding development and advancement strategies for the
station, including but not limited to significant work in support of CKDU's annual fundraising
event (Funding Drive) working in conjunction with Staff, Board, and volunteers.
● Provide logistical support for both ongoing fundraising and Funding Drive
events, prizes, promotions, and programming (in conjunction with the Program
● This will require extra time and effort during the lead up to and during
Funding Drive Week
● Oversee and guide any positions created or hired for directly impacting funding development.
● Solicit and monitor grant applications with (but not limited to) the Community Radio Fund of
Canada, municipal and provincial grants, DSU, etc.;
● Solicit and monitor local and national advertising sales, and oversee contracts, billing, and
work with the programming department to coordinate ad production and scheduling;
● Act as primary liaison to the Dalhousie Student Union, King’s Students Union, governmental
agencies and the community;
● Ensure CKDU meets DSU/KSU standards for Societies;
● Sit on the CKDU Board of Directors as a non-voting staff representative;
● Sit on the Finance and Policy Committees as the staff representative, and any committees
requested by the Board;
● Maintain documents required by regulatory, licensing, and monitoring bodies including (but
not limited to) SOCAN, the CRTC, Registry of Joint Stocks, Industry Canada, Workers
Compensation, and other government or licensing departments;
● Coordinate Annual General Meeting in accordance with requirements of CKDU's by-laws and
the Registry of Joint Stocks;
● Keep information, like director lists, policy changes, and constitutional changes, current with
(but not limited to) Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stocks, SOCAN and the CRTC;
● Maintain excellent relationships with community partners, organizations, and small business.
This includes partnered or sponsored events.


• Financial management experience or knowledge, esp in not-for-profit environment;
• Administrative skills and/or experience;
• Volunteer management, team building, and/or leadership skills;
• Strong understanding of campus community radio and familiarity with CRTC
• Fundraising, grant writing and promotions experience;
• Computer skills: strong level of comfort in basic office software, social networking,
databases; ability to adapt to Linux OS;
• Ability to work independently;
• Ability to prioritize tasks; to set and achieve goals.
• Experience working or volunteering in community radio;
• Radio production and/or digital audio editing skills or experience;
• Knowledge of and interest in a wide variety of cultural, musical, and political
• Experience in or understanding of cooperative work environments ;
• Advanced computer skills (design & layout);
• Experience in promotion or event coordination.


The Station Director is a permanent contract position. Start date is ideally July 27th, 2015.
Compensation is in the amount of $35,000-$40,000 per annum and a 1.11% MERC at 35
hours per week (approximate) paid monthly through Dalhousie University Payroll Services.
Hours will work on a needs basis, as this is a salaried position. If overtime is worked, no pay
will be issued, however in lieu time may be used at the approval of the Board. The Station
Director is eligible for vacation according to the CKDU Employment Policy.

How to Apply: 
Submit a resume with cover letter in person, by mail or pasted into the body of an email (we do not accept applications via fax) to: Station Director Hiring Committee c/o CKDU - FM 6136 University Ave. Halifax, NS B3H 4J2 or (SUBJECT LINE Station Director)
Closing Date: 
Mon, 2015-06-08