Spoken Word Coordinator

Organization Name: 
Halifax, NS

CKDU-FM is a non-profit campus and community radio station based at Dalhousie University serving listeners throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality. Our mandate is to provide an alternative to private and public broadcasters and serve as a forum for diverse and under-represented voices and artists. The station broadcasts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is run by roughly 150 volunteers, a volunteer Board of Directors, and 5 permanent part-time staff.

Nature of the job:
The Spoken Word Coordinator is responsible for facilitating spoken word programming at CKDU. The SWC provides training and feedback to spoken word programmers, develops and facilitates production of CKDU's daily campus-community news program, maintains CKDU's public service announcements archive, and works within CKDU's cooperative non-hierarchal staff structure. The SWC also works with the Program Director to ensure spoken word programming conforms to CRTC regulations and CKDU policies.

Duties & responsibilities:

- Coordinate and support volunteers in production of spoken word programming, and facilitate production of CKDU's daily campus-community news program
- Recruit volunteers for campus-community news programming, production, and field recording
- Assist with management of local and syndicated spoken word programming
- Help ensure CKDU is meeting its weekly quota to air at least 15% of local spoken word programming
- Facilitate involvement of the University of King's College School of Journalism, and strengthening relationships with campus media and local community grassroots media initiatives
- Coordinate Public Service Announcements and Community Announcements
- Coordinate current affairs focus and speciality programming
- Manage field recording inventory and train volunteers on using portable audio equipment
- Facilitate the coordination of CKDU's annual Homelessness Marathon and provide supervisory support to the Homelessness Marathon Coordinator
- Maintain CKDU's news media such as news.ckdu.ca, CKDU news twitter feed, and coordinate forums for audio sharing among spoken word programmers
- Attend weekly staff meetings, take part in consensus decision-making and participate in a cooperative staff structure
- With other staff members, assist in aspects of Funding Drive as required
- Maintain healthy relationship with the volunteers, take part in decision-making in programmers' meetings and member-driven committee meetings
- Host regular Spoken Word Rules and Regulations training sessions, as well as field recorder, on-air performance and production training
- In consultation with the Programming Committee, Program Director and Station Coordinator, respond to public comments and complaints about programming
- In conjunction with the Programming Committee, Program Director and Station Coordinator, enforce CKDU rules and, if necessary, discipline errant programmers


Required qualifications:

- A keen and demonstrated interest in and knowledge of local and global issues
- Volunteer coordination skills, team building, or leadership skills
- Radio experience, journalism skills, research skills, and the ability to read and write for broadcasters
- Technical skills, including production for broadcasting and digital/audio editing
- Strong understanding of the campus-community radio sector
- Knowledge of local, regional, and national news resources, public radio exchange networks, and local news movements
- Computer skills: strong level of comfort in basic office software, social networking, databases; ability to adapt to Linux OS
- Ability to work independently
- Ability to prioritize tasks; to set and achieve goals

Desired qualifications:

- familiarity with CRTC regulations
- knowledge of and interest in a wide variety of cultural, musical, and political expressions
- interest in policy development
- experience in or understanding of non-hierchical staff structures
- advanced computer skills (design & layout)

Accountability, Hours, and Remuneration:
The Spoken Word Coordinator is a member of CKDU's non-hierarchical staff structure and is accountable to the CKDU Membership through the CKDU Board of Directors.


The Spoken Word Coordinator position is a two-year contract position, with 20-26 hours per week at $15.75 per hour. Start date is ideally June 4, 2012, with an end date of June 6, 2014. Holidays and benefits are as per CKDU's Employment Policy.

Submit a resume with cover letter in person, by mail or pasted into the body of an email (we do not accept applications via fax) to:

Spoken Word Coordinator Hiring Committee
c/o CKDU - FM
6136 University Ave.
Halifax, NS B3H 4J2



Application deadline: 5:00PM AST, Tuesday May 22, 2012

CKDU is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages
applications from minority and under-represented groups.

Please help circulate this job posting.

Closing Date: 
Tue, 2012-05-22