Residential School Documentary Producer

Organization Name: 
CIVL Radio 101.7 FM
Abbotsford, BC


CIVL is consistently doing outreach in order to support Aboriginal community access to
resources and support systems, supporting local programs through PSA’s and Promo’s
publicizing classes, workshops, and creating opportunities for Aboriginal community members as well as other residents of the region to integrate with and understand more about the Aboriginal community in the Fraser Valley.

As a continuation of this work CIVL is searching for an individual to host and produce an NCRA funded Radio Documentary, focused on the history and contemporary impact of Residential Schools in Aboriginal communities within 500km of the Fraser Valley.

The Aboriginal Documentary Producer will be responsible for the following:

- Conducting research on the impact of Residential Schools on Aboriginal cultures in Abbotsford, Mission, and the surrounding communities of the Fraser Valley region.
- Interviewing and coordinating with varied interview subjects (Representatives and elders of tribal councils and educational systems, Intergenerational residential school survivors, etc).
- Writing, recording, editing, and producing a feature length documentary based on research and relevant topic sources.

The successful applicant will work in conjunction with CIVL staff to train in technical recording, research and interview procedures, and spoken script drafting.


Ideal candidates will:
- Be from Aboriginal heritage, between the ages of 15 and 30 at the start of the employment.
- Be capable of self-directed work
- Be outgoing and communicative
- Possess excellent communication and research skills both written and verbal
- Be comfortable working with volunteers of various skill levels.


$20/hr for 75 hours ($1500 total)

- 10 Hours for training sessions at the start of the project. - 10 hours for coordination with station staff over the course of the project. - 15 hours for research, recording and coordinating with interview subjects over the course of the project. - 40 hours for editing, producing, writing, voicing and following up with interviewees for additional questions and clarification.
How to Apply: 
E-mail Resume and Cover Letter to with the subject line “Aboriginal Documentary Producer”
Closing Date: 
Mon, 2013-06-24