Promotions, Sponsorship and Fundraising Director

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Montreal, QC

CJLO is the campus/community radio station affiliated with Concordia University. 100% non-profit, and run almost entirely by volunteers, the station is located in the heart of the Loyola campus in the NDG borough of Montreal. CJLO is currently seeking a Promotions, Sponsorship and Fundraising Director to create new funding structures, partner with businesses to generate sponsorship opportunities, and build a team to organize and execute promotional events. Our organization is actively building our team to help take CJLO to the next level in its development and continued growth as one of North America’s most well respected campus and community radio stations.

• Work with management, executive team and volunteers to develop a distinct brand for CJLO while marketing and promoting the station within the various listener communities. Work to develop and improve the overall efficiency of all aspects of CJLO event and fundraising activities.
• Build & foster relationships with the business & media communities within and beyond Montreal, as well as with festivals and the Concordia faculty and alumni to raise awareness, sponsorship potential and donor support. Recruit yearlong sponsorships from local businesses and organizations for CJLO on-air programs and the CJLO magazine. Coordinate and collaborate with local festivals and events in contra basis exchanging promotions for visibility and interesting programming.
• Recruit volunteers & build a street team & funding and events committees.
• Plan and execute an annual funding drive and develop various smaller funding opportunities throughout the year: Build a funding team, develop tactics for motivating volunteers, work with Program Director to plan special on-air drives and special events, seek out sponsors & secure gifts for donors, plan funding events within Concordia & Montreal communities, and ensure annual donor retention, while meeting annual funding targets.
• Plan, staff, execute & evaluate various events ensuring maximum attendance with the goal of making CJLO a household name around Montreal and to keep the station active within the community. Oversee & support existing monthly events around the city.
• Manage event information, including databases, budgets, contacts, sponsors, contributors, and event details; create standard operating procedures for events and ensure that post event assessments are completed.
• Manage the implementation, creation, and development of marketing, print, promotional, advertising, and digital initiatives related to CJLO. Oversee social media & web activities ensuring consistent & constant online promotion of CJLO programming, events and branding. Issue press releases as needed and develop strategies to promote CJLO programming, special interviews and live sessions.
• Work with Program Director to develop & execute a syndicated, cross-community program exchange.


• Proven track record of project & event management (not-for-profit sector preferred)
• Experience with fundraising
• Expert in marketing, communications and public relations
• Strong pitch and sales abilities (sales experience a plus)
• Strong leadership, team building & communication skills
• Proficient with web tools & a social media expert
• Contacts within the Montreal arts, media and business communities
• Innovative and quick-thinking with exceptional problem-solving skills
• Strong familiarity with Montreal music scene, Montreal’s multiple cultural communities, local events & festivals and varying music genres
• Bilingual English & French ideal
• Valid Quebec driver’s license & vehicle a plus


$12 per hour for 30 hrs / week.

Application Deadline: Please send a cover letter and resume by Friday, November 14th 2014, 5pm EST to

$12 per hour for 30 hrs / week.
How to Apply: 
Application Deadline: Please send a cover letter and resume by Friday, November 14th 2014, 5pm EST to
Closing Date: 
Fri, 2014-11-14