Organization Name: 
The Winnipeg Campus Community Radio Society

This position answers to the Station Manager and has two staff that report to it: The Music

Director and the News Director.


The primary responsibility of this position is to coordinate the content broadcast by CKUW. This

involves training and supporting volunteers, monitoring content and broadcast logs. This person

will also support and coordinate the stations programming committee and policy. This person is

also responsible for community service content such as public service announcements. This

person promotes and supports the membership and is responsible for some station outreach to

the broader community. As you would expect, there are some administrative duties as well.

Specific Duties include:

 Coordinate all broadcast output transmitted or distributed by CKUW.

 Manage volunteer membership; including regular communication with volunteers,

scheduling volunteer programming and when necessary, disciplinary action. Support and

facilitate the development of volunteer initiated programming.

 Be responsible for all pre-recorded and rebroadcast programming distributed on and off

campus by CKUW. Monitor broadcast and programming content, ensuring adherence to

programming policy and to CRTC regulations.

 Be responsible for maintaining Traffic Logs.

 In consultation with the Board of Directors, Programming Committee and the Station

Manager, determine and be responsible for the programming policy of the Radio Station.

 Work in chorus with Fundraising Committee, Staff and volunteer membership on annual

Fundrive fundraising campaign.

 Be responsible for the all Public Service Announcements, events calendar and other

announcements of a similar nature. Audio production of PSAs and Promos, where


 Chair the Programming Committee and hold regular meetings as required. Lead the

Programming Committee in conducting reviews of programs for content, performance,

fulfillment of quotas, etc.

 Coordinate with the Station Manager and Volunteer Coordinator, the training and

broadcast standards for all on-air personnel.

 In conjunction with the Station Manager, maintain accurate membership records and

provide authorized station access lists to Campus Security. Review security camera logs

as required.

 In conjunction with the Station Manager, respond to complaints from listeners, members

and the community at large.

 Provide regular reports for Board of Directors meetings; participate in scheduled staff


 Moderate and manage CKUW’s email and discussion lists.

 Supervise, direct and evaluate the long term and the day to day activities of the News

Director and the Music Director.

 Provide Stylus Magazine all written content for Program Guide.


This position requires a passion for community engagement in radio broadcast media and

excellent interpersonal communication skills. A thorough understanding and some experience

working with volunteers is also very important.


Salary range: $33,000 to $35,000 per annum with benefits

August 1 2016 – July 31 2018
How to Apply: 
Please send resumes or drop off at our office: Email: Mail: Attention HR Committee CKUW 95.9 FM Room 4CM11 - 515 Portage Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. R3B 2E9
Closing Date: 
Mon, 2016-07-11