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CIVL is hiring 5 newscasters to work for honorarium, each responsible for producing one weekly 2-4 minute newscast.

To apply, please review the following guidelines, and submit a resume and cover letter with a demo newscast that follows these directions:

A) Each news update will be made up of 2-4 minutes of news each.

A good, quick demo has multiple short, relevant news pieces. The most newsworthy and important items are at the beginning, and the lighter, less notable ones are towards the the end.

B) An average story should be three parts:

1 short, to the point introductory statement or sentence, always written in the present tense, telling people what is happening now in regards to the story.

1 body sentence providing details about the story, whatever is most important to explaining what's

1 sentence providing the most up to date information on the story, important dates coming up to watch for more developments or some closure, etc.

To identify which stories to put in what order, use the following criteria; the more that are satisfied in a story, the stronger the story:


1. Most impact to the most listeners
2. Most relevant to Fraser Valley residents/UFV community
3. Time sensitivity, immediateness of the story
4. Relevance to the environment
5. Human interest, appeal to people's emotions
6. Technology, if you have clips, sounds, quotes, anything you have access to that makes this story more interesting to tell or listen to

7. Inequality issues (in commercial news, the final category is “Sex”, since “sex
sells”, but C/C radio is concerned with accessibility and anti-oppression, such that
examining issues of inequality are far more desirable stories to cover, and in fact
are appropriate in a way that “Sex” as a criteria in and of itself is not)

D) We are a campus and community radio station, and thus our news content should be focused on providing listeners with information about goings on that are either on different topics, or from different perspectives than those that are told on commercial/corporate radio.


Excellent written and oral communication skills
Ability to read/write/speak in a language other than English
Interest in current events and local/world news
Ability to work on tight deadlines
Ability to work with a team
Ability to multi-task
Ability to conduct ones own research
Attention to detail is a must

Only those applicants selected for interviews will be contacted.

CIVL encourages applications from under-represented communities, including women, first nations peoples, people of colour, lesbian/gay/queer/transgender, people with physical and mental disabilities, people living with HIV/AIDS, and people whose age, education, or economic status may be a barrier to employment. CIVL does not discriminate on the basis of race, sexual orientation, religion, age, ability, or class.


$50/month honoraria

6 month initial contract
How to Apply: 
E-mail with the subject line "Newscaster Application"
Closing Date: 
Fri, 2015-04-03