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Guelph, ON

CFRU 93.3fm (Guelph, Ontario) is seeking a News Coordinator for a 16 week position funded through the CRFC Radio Talent Development Program. CFRU 93.3FM is a volunteer driven student and community radio station, committed to broadcasting high quality, innovative and entertaining music and spoken word programming which serves as a distinct alternative to other available radio services.

• general oversight of all CFRU news programming
• recruiting (in conjunction with Volunteer Coordinator) and training volunteers to produce news programming
• scheduling and coordinating regular news-related workshops for news volunteers including: research, interviewing, script writing, presentation, in-studio and on-site recording, editing and production, and short-form documentary production
• coordinating community news coverage, making connections with community groups that could contribute content
• providing regular feedback and support to news department volunteers, and communicate with volunteers to ensure that content is produced on-time
• maintain and develop public service journalism manuals and guides
• maintain and cultivate list of news contacts and list of events that CFRU can cover and report on.

• Coordinate and assist in news volunteers’ efforts to reporters to find news stories, conduct interviews, and cover conferences, etc.
• identify and organize news resources for volunteers
• set up news coverage at remote locations
• coordinate volunteer access to all station resources including studios, equipment, computers, files and books, in conjunction with Operations Coordinator.
• promotion of CFRU's news programming, in collaboration with Community Outreach coordinator

• Participation in weekly news collective meetings, facilitating as necessary, brainstorming with the collective to expand and improve CFRU news programming
• Liaising between CFRU and other C/C radio news initiatives, including the Groundwire National Alternative Radio News Project
• Coordinating maintenance of news and collective e-mail accounts, web pages, and blog by trained volunteers, facilitating internet based news coverage

Further responsibilities include:
• developing station policy and long term goals, towards establishing ongoing news programming at CFRU
• Other duties as may be required during planned staff absences, provided they are consistent with the role of the news coordinator
• organizing and participating in general staff meetings


• experience in script-writing editing documentary and technical production
• experience coordinating and training volunteers
• excellent listening skills
• demonstrated research analysis and presentation skills
• demonstrated interviewing and journalistic technique
• demonstrated commitment to public service and advocacy
• demonstrated skill in radio and sound production
• ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
• self-motivated and willing to initiate projects
• computer proficiency
• experience in campus community radio an asset
• ability to work in a community environment where consensus is the norm
• ability to interpret and articulate CFRU's policies

CFRU is an equal opportunity employer. CFRU welcomes the contributions that individuals from marginalized communities bring to our organization, and invites aboriginal people, people of colour, two-spirited, queer people, trans people, working-class people, single parents, members of racialized groups, immigrants and people with disabilities to apply.


Salary: $16/hour

16 weeks/28 hours per week Expected starting date: Monday July 11, 2011
How to Apply: 
Please send your CV and cover letter to
Closing Date: 
Thu, 2011-06-23