Music Director

Organization Name: 
Prince George, BC

Reporting to the Station Manager, the Music Director has responsibility for determining and overseeing an
appropriate mix of musical content for the radio station through maintaining CFUR’s ever-expanding music
library and Northern British Columbia Audio Archive. This must reflect the interests and tastes of the listening
community we serve; by the solicitation and review of recordings; and for maintaining the standards of quality
for the music we program. This position will include work on both newly received and older music within the
library on LP, Cassette, CD, and digital formats. If that sounds good to you, apply!
10​ ​hours​ ​per​ ​week
JOB​ ​DESCRIPTION​ (but not limited to):
Industry​ ​Related Technical Community​ ​Oriented
1. Establish and maintain contacts
with recording companies and
promoters to ensure a
continuous flow of new material
to the station in the genres of
music aired
2. Develop and implement policies
ensuring the consistency of the
station’s music programming
with its mission
3. Provide tracking reports to
designated industry
publications, recording
companies and promoters
4. Create and submit charts to
different charting stations such
as NCAA and !earshot-online
5. Solicit and review new
recordings and store them in
the music library

1. Assist in the maintenance of
the digital and physical
library’s content, and
2. Learn use of Metadata tags in
order to process files properly
(Album, Artist, comments, etc)
3. Fix errors within the library &
work to make the library
increasingly age-friendly
4. Limited program scheduling
duties & software

1. Act as FPO or First Point of
Contact for people entering
the office for first time
2. Train volunteers of ALL ages
to use, and contribute to,
3. Announce new recorded
music acquisitions to the
radio station
4. Learn to understand and
appreciate music of all kinds
5. Review proposals of new
music programs
6. Communicate with hosts
respectfully to conduct
Program Reviews
7. Grant writing a method for
position expansion

other​ ​duties​ ​as​ ​necessary


QUALIFICATIONS​ (not required but would be considered an asset):
● an ability to manage others
● a professional demeanor
● strong organizational skills and attention to detail
● a breadth and depth of knowledge about (and tolerance for) music of all genres
● an understanding of the interests and tastes of the Prince George listening
● excellent communication skills
● Social Media savviness
● basic knowledge of iTunes, Google Spreadsheets, and Office Suite
● familiarity with CFUR's programming and mandate
● experience with youth, elders, community organizations and/or not-for-profit
● patience, miles of it

How to Apply: 
Please send your attached resume, and cover letter, to CFUR Station Manager, Ian Gregg (​). Make sure the subject line reads: ‘Music​ ​Director​ ​Application​’. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted. All applications must be submitted before December 15th, 2017, at 4:00 p.m PST. The​ ​sooner the​ ​better​. Applicants may apply for multiple positions. CFUR is an equal opportunity employer.
Closing Date: 
Fri, 2017-12-15